What are World War 1 and 2 School Workshops?

World War 1 and 2 school workshops are provided by several companies. They will deliver the topic and bring resources, for example objects from the period, to your school.

These workshops vary in content from story telling to role plays for the children and hands on activities like artefact handling. Children can experience the past for themselves and get immersed in what life was like for the people in the past.

The teacher arranges the workshop with the company owner. In order to get the most from the workshop, specific requirements will be agreed in advance. You can book the workshop around your school day.


What are the Advantages of a Workshop?

Workshops can really help bring a topic to life. There are lots of reasons schools use them:

  1. No Travel – The workshop will take place in your school so a considerable amount of time will be saved as no need to organise transport.
  2. Value Added – Bringing in a new person who is passionate about the subject will excite the students.
  3. Low Cost – The cost per pupil of a workshop is less than going on a trip out of school.
  4. Subject Specialists- Workshop providers are passionate about the subject they teach. They will approach the topic in a fun, interactive way and really get the children involved.
  5. Easy to Book – Typically schools will just have to send an email to request a booking. The company will follow it up and make the arrangements so it’s simple to do.

How do you Book?

Booking a workshop could not be easier. Choose the workshop you desire from our available World War 1 School Workshops and World War 2 School Workshops

Once you have selected the most suitable workshop place an inquiry. The workshop provider will get back to you and you can book the workshop in.


Feedback from a Satisfied Customer

Mrs Peel booked a World War 2 school workshop as he thought it would be a good way to excite and engage his class.

‘I booked a World War 2 school workshop as I felt my class would benefit from an interactive session. From booking to the delivery of the session it was seamless. The workshop was tailored towards my pupils and they had a great time. The use of costumes and attention to detail was fantastic. For students to see artefacts from the period, it really helped to hit home what life would’ve been like. I have already booked them for next year.’


Book your Workshop Today

There a wide range of workshop providers available. Booking is easy and as the workshop comes to you, no need to worry about planning travel for a trip out. Workshops are a cost effective way to deliver a memorable learning experience to pupils in a school.