WW2: The blitz,child evacuees and bomb disposal training 1940

Bringing WW2 topic to primary schools as part of their curriculum is often full of rather boring examples of stories and pictures. Hysterical History does not do that we make learning the topic fun!
Coming to your school you will walk into a half day of learning about:
How to get down the mobile Anderson shelter and what to do in an air raid.Become a child evacuee making sure you learn why its important to fill your tag out properly.How to become a bomb disposal squad using team development skills and unique interactive props.Lt Palmer will get you trained in digging for bombs, recognising bombs, defusing a sea mine and hopefully defusing a WW2 bomb that just so happened to drop into your class.Very fun and interactive with participation enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike. This show is usually aged towards year 6/KS2 but is not limited to. It's making history fun and interactive for all ages that matters.