The Great Viking Invasion Workshop

Viking Invasion Workshop Bring History To Life

 KS1 & KS2 Viking Invasion Workshop uses incredibly realistic Artifacts & Replica Artifacts. Replica Shield, Replica Swords, Replica Hand Axe, Replica Viking Helmet. Adventurers wanted for a daring quest across the Scandinavian Seas in search of treasure and thralls!Have your class got what it takes to be our new War Band?

What To Expect From Our Viking Invasion History Workshop

Fridlief Ragnarsson, son of the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok, and our enthusiastic Wicked Workshops Practitioner are here to take your students on the adventure of a lifetime!But how far back in time do we need to travel to come across these vicious Vikings? When did they exist? If Vikings have got you vexed then we have just the activity for you. Our interactive timeline will have all of your students effortlessly picturing when the Vikings ruled over England!If we are going to sail the seas then we are going to need a boat! But first we need to learn how to tell the difference between a Drakkar and a Knarr ship? What do we need to put on our boat? Why do we put a dragon’s head on both ends? Before you know it we will have your class thinking ship shape about ships!So we’ve got our boats, but can we navigate them from Scandinavia to England avoiding the obstacles in the sea? This sounds like the perfect opportunity for a race to me! Which one of our longboats can get to the safety of the English shoreline first?

Who Is Up FOr Taking On The Vikings?

Our War Band wouldn’t be complete without weapons and armour and my goodness do we have some tasty treats for you! We have everything you need to be a Viking Warrior and we are eager to show you just how to use them! We aren’t a museum, your pupils will be taught just how to wield the weapons, wear the armour and win in battles and of course they’ll be able to hold all of the items! In fact, we are going to challenge them to a Saxon Sword Fight, reckon they’re brave enough to fight against a Viking?!​Worried that all this excitement will send your class beserk?! Good, that’s exactly what we want because it is time to teach your students how to be Beserker Warriors! Learn all about these fearsome warriors through our entertaining drama game.Finally, it’s time for our Final Challenge Quiz Round. Can your school steal the top spot on our leader board?Once our adventure is complete it’s back to the classroom, but the adventure we’ve been on is certain to leave your students enchanted with the Vikings! 

The Viking Invasion Workshop Testimonials

'A really engaging experience for the pupils. They loved the activities and the practitioners had a lot of knowledge of the Vikings.' Hexthorpe Primary School'Thank you so much for the workshop this morning. It was absolutely outstanding! The children loved every minute of it, especially as it was so hands on. I will definitely be recommending you to my teacher friends out of school and colleagues within school. Thank you again for an exceptional workshop.' Vernon Primary School'Absolutely brilliant! Interactive, engaging and very funny! All children were involved and wanted to take part - fantastic! The way the information was given was interesting and easy to understand. Plenty of new learning!' Holy Trinity CE Primary School'Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop this morning. All involved learnt a huge amount and had a fantastic time. It was well pitched, paced and filled with great activities. Passionate performers, clued up about their subject.' Millbrook Primary School