Archaeology Workshop with Dr Digby Rocks

Learn all the skills you need to become a future Indiana Jones with Dr Digby Rocks the renowned archaeologist from the 1920's. He was there at the discovery of Tutankamun so can teach you about ancient Egyptians. Learn how to evaluate a skeleton that your teacher just happened to find buried on your school playground. He will show you how to dig for real authentic artefacts and once you have dug them, you will have to evaluate them and guess what they were.This is a very popular talk at events and heritage sites as its full on interactive fun learning all about what history leaves behind.I usually include a certificate, sticker and a free 165 million year old fossil for each child as part of the half day workshop. Also if space allows we can have a go at metal detecting in teams.
This is truly a unique school workshop as not many others offer a glimpse into all the possible topics that this covers:
Team building, interactive and collective imagination, developing analytical skills and also while having fun your learning!