Ancient Greek : How to be a Hero Workshop

Ancient Greek: How to be a Hero

With Wicked Workshops Ancient Greek workshops, we will train your students to be heroes?Your students will meet the deity, who will tutor them to be a hero of Ancient Greece. Along their journey, they will discover what life was like in Greece, the beliefs of these fascinating people and their history.

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The students will embark on a training regime to ensure they are tough enough to defeat the Mythical creatures of Greece; can they follow in the footsteps of Perseus and defeat Medusa? With Hermes' or Athena's help and advice they will!But what do these creatures look like? What do they eat? Where are their weak points? The students will uncover this information through a series of interactive activities and games, providing them with the opportunity to take on the physicality and characteristics of such creatures as the Minotaur, Sphinx and Cerberus, as well as discover exactly how to defeat them.These segments contain drama and performance elements alongside historical and mythological information to further the knowledge of the students and provide them with an engaging experience. Our sessions are designed to be inclusive for all students.The students will learn how to fight like a Spartan, how to throw a javelin and the best way to wield your sword. This segment will enable the children to interact with a variety of practical items; A Xiphos sword, Hoplon Shield, Conrinthian Helmet, and Cuirass armour. Our workshop culminates in our final challenge round. Can your students discover the correct answers to our Ancient Greek Quiz to take the high scoring spot on our leader board?

Ancient Greek Sessions At Your School

Our Ancient Greek: How to be a Hero is a half-day session taking place over a morning or an afternoon. The session run by two practitioners (one in character as an Ancient Greek god and the other as the practitioner) and can accommodate up to seventy participants. Our workshops deliver historical information through a series of interactive activities and engaging games with a focus on drama and performance.We bring our workshop to you and provide everything necessary to run the session. 


Loved it - thank you!' Rawmarsh Thorogate Junior and Infant School'Wow! What a fantastic workshop. Active, informative and very engaging. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Thank you!' Overdale Junior School'Highly structured, fun and interactive workshop which covered a broad range of topics. The training theme flowed nicely - a fabulous stimulus! We will definitely book you again.' Maryport Junior School'The children loved the day and the staff were delighted with the whole package. The actors had a lovely manner with the children and they learnt a lot on the day. My daughter is in Year 4 and she had a fantastic time-we heard nothing but the Ancient Greeks all evening!' Heyhouses Primary School'Children were very engaged! Learned lots. Lots of interaction kept it a fun workshop. Very knowledgeable practitioners - good, fun personalities.