A Handy Guide to Survive the Stone Age Workshop

'Absolutely amazing! Children (and adults!) were really hooked from start to end! If we could have rated you higher than 5 out of 5 we would have done! Thank you very much!!' Worsbrough Community PrimaryHave your students got what it takes to survive the Stone Age? They’ll get to find out in our handy survival guide.Our practitioners will teach your class the timeline of the Stone Age, how to hunt and gather, swing a bull roarer, and release their arty side with a spot of cave painting.Our award-winning ‘A Handy Guide to Survive the Stone Age’ workshop is “a fantastic afternoon (or morning!) full of fun”. We will engage, entertain and educate your students by incorporating drama, role-play, live performance, activities, and storytelling.This workshop is “Informative! Engaging! Brilliant! Memorable!” We utilise the structure and interactivity of a drama workshop to bring history to life for all. This ensures that “children are engaged throughout the entire session.”Be amazed as your students use their acting skills to become visual aids to assist in the learning of their peers!We promise that your students will “learn a lot through active learning.”In our ‘A Handy Guide to Survive the Stone Age’ workshop, your students will:Travel through the timeline of the Stone Age, from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic. Children will recreate each era using their acting skills, in turn, becoming visual aids to assist their peers in their learning.Discover important weapons and key inventions. Students will undertake various activities and challenges to learn how these innovative items were used.Learn the purpose of a Bull Roarer and how to use it to communicate with a Stone Age tribe. Students will use our Bull Roarer props to complete an exciting activity.Practice hunting & gathering techniques and figure out how to collect safe foods for the tribe. Students will be able to take part in our game show-like gathering challenge to see if they can avoid deadly 'foods’.Train to be a cave painter and uncover the secrets of these amazing paintings. Students will use their body postures and facial expressions to bring cave art to life.Work as a team to outsmart dangerous Mega Fauna, such as a Terror Bird. One of our practitioners will take on the role of a deadly Terror Bird and challenge the students to use their sneaking skills and problem solving powers to retrieve an egg from the nest.
About Us
Imagining History provides award-winning educational history workshops for primary schools that captivate and entertain.Our interactive half-day or full-day sessions combine role-play, storytelling, demonstrations and drama and performance to bring history to life for your students.Each of our extensively researched workshop themes, such as the Stone Age and Ancient Egypt, incorporate on-your-feet activities and high energy performance, allowing every single student to be involved and learn through doing.We bring our KS2 workshops to schools all over the UK and ensure that our workshops offer excellent value for money.We can even run two different half-day workshops in one day, for example, Stone Age and Vikings or Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, allowing us to cater to any budgetAll of our practitioners are DBS checked and we provide full risk assessments for all our workshops upon request.
Our workshops:
- Designed for Key Stage 2 - Linked with the current curriculum - Led by two practitioners - Half day and full day sessions available - Up to 70 participants per session
Our history workshop themes:
- A Handy Guide to Survive the Stone Age - Ancient Egypt: A Time Travel Tour - Ancient Greece: Hero Training - How to Launch a Viking Raid - Viking Mythology (Un)Traditional Storytelling - Roman Britain: A Time Travel Tour - Great Fire of London (KS1) - Florence Nightingale (KS1) - Great British Castles (KS1)
Testimonials for our History workshops:
‘Professional, prompt, organised, reliable and flexible. Great service from first booking to the actual day! Thanks!’ - Baines Endowed Thorton Cleveleys‘Fabulous! A really interactive and informative workshop. Great WOW for our topic.’ - Bradley Primary‘The children (and teachers!) really enjoyed this workshop. Laura and Adrian were very animated, funny and engaging. I would use it for the start of the topic as it inspired the children.’ - Lindale COE Primary,‘Kids were really engaged and both practitioners were fun and humorous with just the right amount of comic capers! We all loved it, thank you!’ - Morley Victoria Primary‘Fantastic rapport built with pupils from the start. Excellent historical knowledge delivered in a fun way for pupils.’ - Fairburn View Primary SchoolFor a full list of the testimonials for our interactive history workshops please visit: www.imagininghistory.co.uk
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