workshops for secondary schools

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Is it a good idea to invite workshops for secondary schools? The answer is yes. A range of workshops supports GSCE, A-level, and offers excellent value for money curriculum enrichment for KS3 and KS4 learners. There are secondary school workshops that support science, English and math. Furthermore, workshops and theatre performances can also help to tackle complex PHSE topics. Learners can explore difficult to explain and sensitive aspect of becoming an adult.

workshops for secondary schools

GSCE and A-levels revision workshops

Dry revision wit a focus on exam techniques has its advantages. It helps pupils to know the best of getting the most out of exam question. However, there is a dark side to over-focusing repetitive tacking of the exam questions. Such a revision technique has little to do with learners imagination. It can simply kill the love and passion for the chosen subject and ultimately damage its core intention of helping a pupil shine in the exam performance.

Science, math and English workshops can help bring the sparkle of excitement and get the subjects sparkle again. Drama companies offer pupils to take charge and be the main character in the GCSE and A-level literature piece. Learn the narrative and feel the trials and tribulations of the main characters’ feelings through their eyes.

Invite a biodome for immersive learning of science, biology, oceanography and geography. Get animal encounter company to bring different science of animals to get the hands-on feel.

Performances and workshops to cover PSHE topics

Live performance theatre companies and workshops also can be an excellent helping hand to teach some sentence subjects. Why not invite such a company to help your teacher cover many awkward to talk about issues. Let the experience professions help pupils to explore sexuality, puberty, religion, crime and drugs.

workshops for secondary schools

Curriculum enrichment for a fraction of the price

Lastly, the workshops for secondary schools offer an excellent way to reward learning. These include mobile planetariums, magical shows and dance workshops, cultural cooking classes, theatres and circus skills and many more. Schools can invite several providers simultaneously. Therefore everyone can take part in a range of activities without leaving the school premises. That means that schools can save many hours of completing risk assessments and money for transport.