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Comet Workshop

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Workshop Category: Science, Space, and STEMWorkshop Tags: astronomy, comets, space, and workshop

This Comet Workshop kicks off with a presentation about these often-elusive icy visitors and concludes with an icy astro bake-off! The introduction answers questions like “What is a comet?”, “Where do they come from?” and “When were they formed?”. The talk also introduces some famous cometary names and reveals some history behind them.

Following the talk is a demonstration of ice cooking in a mobile cosmic kitchen. Using ingredients found in real comets, the demonstrator will make an icy scale model in front of the audience, who will then get the chance to make their own comet in a chilling hands-on workshop. Brrrrrrr! Our comets look like, smell like, and even sound like the real thing (although they’re considerably smaller!).

We supply all the ingredients (including dry ice), but need at least seven days notice to order in the supplies. We can also bring along all the necessary protection (goggles and protective gloves) if you don’t already have these things to hand.

Feedback on Comet Workshop

“The venue became a maelstrom of ingredients being mixed amongst the magical curtains of falling dry ice. The results varied from nice hissing solid comets, to the broken remnants akin to the famous Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. Everyone had a ball it has to be said. It was very entertaining, but above all we learned a lot about comets. We won’t forget this night in a hurry!” General Secretary, Ashford Astronomical Society, Kent

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