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Tudors History Workshop

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Tudors History Workshop is provided by Black Knight Historical. Established in 2003, Black Knight Historical provides 25 different historical workshops. We cater for Early Years, Key Stage 1 ,2 and 3 learning in the classroom.

Our owner, Ian – with 25 years experience, and presenter Molly – a trained historical costumier, wear real, historically correct clothes.They bring a vast number of well researched, historical objects, artefacts and props to make your history day a tactile and immersive experience for students of all ages.

A typical day would involve a Royal visit from King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, although other queens are available or Queen Elizabeth I.

Tudors history workshop may involve more than one costumed educator as per your requirements – up to seven is possible in a day for larger schools. Students can then benefit from a carousel of activities on a variety of topics.

Activities such as:

Music and Dance, Courtesy & Etiquette, Life in the Royal Palace, Medicine & Surgery, Falconry & Hunting, Contrast Between Rich & Poor, Food and Warfare.

Themes covered include:

The Dissolution of the Monasteries, The King’s Great Matter, The Act of Supremacy, The Tudor family, The Battle of Bosworth, the Legacy of the Tudors.

Our selection of objects for study and handling is second to none – and we can finish off the day with a display of longbow, crossbow and Tudor musket if conditions/ safety allow. Should you prefer we can present a soldier from the Mary Rose ship in 1545, or Cardinal Wolsey.

Address: The Old Clay Chapel
Greater London
United Kingdom



City / Town: Norwich


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