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Children’s Musical Adventures – Music Workshops

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Children’s Musical Adventures (CMA) works throughout the UK and is able to offer any type of musical workshop, although specialises in inclusive and interactive Percussion days.

Patrick and the teaching team have vast experience of educational workshops across the UK. CMA can tailor make a workshop to the current curriculum in schools.

The ethos of CMA is based upon an overwhelming respect for the power of music and a strong belief in the
positive impact this can bring to children’s lives.

The Benefits of CMA:

It is a proven fact that exposure to and participation in musical activities greatly benefits the development of a child. CMA is able to take children on the great adventure that is the world of music. Not only is this adventure fun, engaging, emotive and exciting it also offers a whole range of benefits for each and every child. Whether as a one off workshop or a more regular activity, interaction with music aids a child’s development both physiologically and psychologically.

A Sample Samba Workshop:

Generally the workshop runs for approximately one hour


Performance / demo by workshop leader and fellow performers on percussion instruments (. This performance will always be tailored to the workshop theme)

Warm up

A mixture of clapping and rhythm games. Teaching the students the different common rhythms of samba, and also various ‘calls’ that form the piece.


Each student then is handed an instrument and the workshop class  is usually split into four groups. Shakers, cowbells, claves and drums. The workshop leader then  teaches the correct playing style for each instrument and each rhythm.


Then with instruments we use the previously taught rhythms and calls from the warm up and create our own samba inspired piece of music. Depending on age and ability this can be as difficult or easy as needed, but there is always a full piece to perform by the end of the workshop, either just to themselves, the next class coming in or in an assembly to the whole school .


By the end of the workshop every individual will have taken part , teachers and children with their own instrument. In just one hour everyone will have learnt the whole samba style piece by heart, ready for a final performance.

It is always such a fantastic experience to see the team work and enjoyment of the participants .

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