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Meet Vera WWI Nurse Workshop

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Workshop Category: Creative writing, Drama and Theatre, History, Poetry, World Book Day, and World War OneWorkshop Tags: Drama Workshop, history, and WWI

Theatre Workshop is proud to able to offer this unique workshop. Suitable for KS1, KS2 & KS3.

The Workshop has been specifically devised for the anniversary of the ending of WWI. Meet Vera is a tribute to all the women that helped during the war. Vera’s story is true, watch and interact with her as she waves good-bye to her husband. See how she reacts to the news that he is missing in action. Glad to say this story has an amazing, happy ending. Your pupils will be gripped by this uplifting story. Book Now. Limited availability.

We can accommodate any size year group and facility’s. Theatre Workshop has been touring for over 25 years and all our members have DBS.

Theatre Workshop tours all year round – Which one will you pick:

The Super Stone Age, The Entertaining Egyptians, The Amazing Greeks, The Resourceful Romans, The Sensational Saxons & The Vikings, The Troublesome Tudors, The Very Elegant Victorians, and Meet Vera WWI Nurse. New this year All Hail Macbeth Workshop.

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