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Immersive Creative Writing

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Immersive Creative Writing

Everybody loves to learn about stars, space, space travel and other wonders of the Universe but not everybody thinks that writing is fun or that they can write creatively. First of all, the Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium has delivered space-themed interactive learning sessions to thousands of learners across the UK. Also, the Sheffield Writing Club helped many to discover their love for creative writing. As a result, the two now teamed together to provide an Immersive Creative Writing Experience.

A Typical Creative Writing Session:

We offer an Immersive Writing Experience. Here, under the guidance of creative writing tutors, pupils can evoke their writing spirits in a spherical mobile structure with 360-degree projection.

A typical session will involve getting creative in the immersive theatre. Inside, using themed projection, the group will work to accumulate creative material. After that using the pen and papers or computer the audience can convert their creative gems into individual masterpieces.

The topic of the session can be adapted to the topic of the school, for example, you might want to be inside a body or be a fly on a wall, look on the starry sky or have a sensory experience of flashing lights.

Audience Suitability:

And the age? Well, the age really does not matter as this can be a brilliant experience for any learners. The fun of Immersive Writing Experience can be tailored to exam preparation, language learning, team building and so much more.

We work with Y6 SATS, Y7 transition days activities and GCSE classes gifted and talented and booster writing classes. The sessions are also adaptable to adult creative writing groups and university modules.

For special educational needs children we can adapt the session for individual learners needs. We also can offer voice recording session activities whereby the learners can develop their creative verbal communication skills and produce voice recorded artifact to share with their family members.

Creative Writing Sessions Feedback:

Derbyshire, secondary school, Chesterfield; Something we have never thought of but it was a brilliant activist for our new Y7s transition day. We did it as part of ice-breaking session. Worked a treat!

South Yorkshire, primary school, Sheffield. We have had the Immersive Creative Writing as a Y6 SATS booster session. Their writing coaches are very experienced and knowledgeable. This experience was encouraging and useful for all ability levels and an excellent value for money for a school.

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