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Astronomy Shows with Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium

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About Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium

Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium can be set up in just about any large indoor space and cater for many years groups in one day. This means nobody needs to travel anywhere to enjoy the experience. Thus, booking our services makes a very cost effective activity! We provide risk assessment and even will suggest a timetable for the day.
All you have to do is to come along to your Hall and enjoy the experience. It is an incredible way to learn about the wonders of space due to the unique environment the dome creates.

Sessions content ranges from stargazing to solar system and space exploration. Show length can be from 20 minutes up to 1 hour, depending on the arrangements on the day. Through the use of the completely dark planetarium and amazing 360-degree visual display, this is a learning experience the children will enjoy and remember. All sessions are led by presenters who are passionate about space and will happily pause the show to answer questions from the learners.

A Typical Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium Visit

In a typical primary stage Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium shows we will also look closely at The Moon, our nearest neighbour. We will discover how important it is to live on Earth and why it appears to change shape. We also find out what it is like to live on a spaceship and enjoy the experience of being weightless!

Secondary shows start from a basic, which teaches learners about our the solar system and constellations (very popular for KS2 to KS3 transitions). This show reinforces key points taught through primary school. The topics include the planets in our solar system, the sun and moon and how they rotate around each other. In addition, we cover topic such as  ‘what it is like to experience life outside Earth. The content delivered in greater depth and provides space to challenge your learners in their existing knowledge.

Suitable for Any Age

Our shows design to cater for audiences from age of 3 to 133. The shows are specifically design to match the curriculum contend and to be age appropriate. We can cater for variety of individual visiting year groups in one visit. The shows are also very popular with special educational provision schools as we can easily create a taylor-made content plus the dome if wheelchair friendly.

Feedback About Our Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium

Thank you so much for visiting Carlton Digby School. The planetarium show was fantastic and the pupils (and staff) had a wonderful time! Carlton Digby School, Rachel

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