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Medieval Life & Times Workshop

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Black Knight Historical are medieval specialists, delivering school workshops for over 25 years. Medieval Life & Times workshop will bring history to life in your school.

We provide medieval characters in your school to assist learning about relevant topics: our most common delivery team is a Knight & lady, but we also have –

a Norman Knight in 1066
a plague victim of the Black Death
an Archer from Agincourt
a Benedictine Nun or Franciscan Friar
a solider fromthe Wars of the Roses.
and many others as required from our team of excellent medievalists! Crafts, Religious, soldiery, royals, we have them all.

Children meet our character[s] in role: either to the entire school for a ‘special guest’ to assembly, or ready for a 9.30 a.m. start.

The children are encouraged to dress up in costume, then immerse themselves in the period being studied, with music, dance, art, heraldry and daily life compared and contrasted with today.

We have probably the largest collection of authentically replicated objects from the time for handling and examination/wearing, having been researching, making and collecting objects for 30 years.

These include clothes, [and understanding the difference between clothing and costume], pottery, cooperage, glassware, tapestry, banners, arms and armour, cookery implements, furniture, food and drink, furs, religious objects, and activities such as: making butter, striking a coin, grinding corn, weaving/spinning, fire-lighting with flint & steel, and writing with quill and ink, plus interactive games to get children ‘up & doing’.

Understanding the power of the Church, learn a Latin prayer, what went on in a monastery; what were the Crusades; learn to dance a farandole, what did people do on Christmas day? -we explore all these topics as required.

A huge day of ‘making history happen’!

Reviews of us in action : http://www.blackknighthistorical.co.uk/testimonials/

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