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Anti-Bullying and Self-Esteem Workshops (Delivered in person or via Zoom) – Dynamic Play Ed

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Dynamic Play Ed firmly believes that each and every child can achieve their ambitions both inside and outside of the school environment regardless of their backgrounds. Our Anti-Bullying and Self-Esteem workshops aims to nurture this belief through interactive discussions and role play thus boosting students confidence and understanding of important subjects.

Our Unique Approach

All of our workshops are delivered by Nath Fernandes who has first hand experience of the subjects covered i.e. bullying giving him the unique ability to relate with students on a personal level.

Our Workshops

Anti-Bullying – students will tackle this issue head on in a sensitive manner by exploring strategies aimed at, not only how to employ coping measures but ultimately how to resolve conflicts associated with bullying.

Disability Awareness – we believe that the best way to educate individuals about disability is to allow them to physically experience various impairments for themselves. This is why our disability awareness workshops led by Nath combine visual and physical activities to build more confidence to engage with disabled people perhaps when they ask for assistance.

Self-Esteem – during this workshop, we draw upon Nath’s personal journey starting with little confidence in life both mentally and socially to creating a successful business which includes talking to audiences of hundreds across the UK. We have adapted the strategies that he adopts into creative activities encompassing role play and games with the vision of boosting ones confidence in all aspects of life whether it be passing exams or social interaction.

Workshop Delivery Methods

We deliver our workshops both in person or via Zoom (the latter significantly reducing costs).


“Many thanks indeed. You were absolutely outstanding! Several boys have already spoken to me to say how much they enjoyed it.”
The Radley College near Oxford

“We asked Dynamic Play Ed to come in and talk to our Year 9 students as part of our PSHE programme looking at discrimination and prejudice. I wasn’t sure how the students would react but they were really gripped by Naths presentation. Many of them were struck by the things they had in common – such as a liking of the Xbox – but also inspired by how much Nath has achieved despite the extra obstacles he has had to overcome. I will definitely be inviting Nath back next year.”
Sally – Chipping Sodbury School near Bristol

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