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Animal Club

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At Animal Club workshops we love animals!

Animal Club workshops mission is to amaze, enthuse and educate our visitors all about the animal kingdom. Our presenters are incredibly passionate about their animals and want to share their love and expertise with a wider audience. We live together with our beautiful, cuddly and fascinating animals that can be brought along to you.

Animal-Club provides exciting animal handling experiences to schools, clubs, homes and parties. Our presenter-led shows are a wonderful experience where children and adults can look, touch and ask questions all about the animals we bring along.

Our presenters have a large range of animals that they are the experts on. Some are cuddly, some unusual and certainly all are very interesting. Each animal will be introduced to the group in a way that is stress-free for the animal and also educational and fun. All of the animals are pets. Hence, most of our animals can be handled during each session. The sessions we deliver are highly interactive and involve the option of handling the animals and learning amazing facts about each one.

Who can enjoy a visit from Animal-Club?

We enjoy visiting all ages! Our presenters are experts at adapting each experience to the needs of the group they are visiting.

Schools and nurseries – Our animal handling sessions are both informative, fun and extremely popular. We will adapt the shows to meet the needs of your children and can incorporate the topic you are currently on.
Parties – A great way to have a party. Children and adults love to look, touch and learn about our amazing animals.
Care homes – Much loved in care homes due to the therapeutic nature of many of our animals.

How many people can say ‘I held a snake today’ or ‘I saw a vinageroon today’? Well, with Animal Club you will and that is what our customers love about us.

Feedback About Our Animal Workshops:

All classes managed to see and touch the animals. Lots of learning opportunities about the animals the habitats they live in. Great explanation about life cycles of each animal.”
Jess Henry (Class teacher)

The animals were fantastic in our school. Cuddly rabbits, lizards and fascinating insects. The children loved holding and learning all about them. We will definitely book again.”
Beth Cookson (Teacher)

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