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Romans & Boudicca Workshop


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Romans & Boudicca Workshop – Join us in 60 AD with Marcus Aurelius, a Roman soldier from the XX legion, and Queen Boudicca on the eve of the Eceni revolt. Twin sessions, with each presenter setting up in their own classroom and students swapping between them to be sure they get an equal understanding of both cultures.

Our Roman presenter arrives in full 1st century Roman legionary armour, with weaponry, and a display of many miscellaneous Roman items of the period. Children are taught a Roman greeting & hand salute, ‘Salvete Omnes” and “Ave Caesar”. Presenter proceeds through describing and naming his arms, armour and clothing, also handing pieces around for examination and study. Names are written on a board in English and Latin. Questions and answers on this session.

Children are taught Roman numerals and are challenged to work out some interesting dates and number. Such as 1999, 1066, 43 etc. A wax tablet is handed round so that everybody gets a chance to write a number on it with a stylus. Next comes the Pantheon of Roman gods, goddesses and links to planets, days of the week, etc.

Dressing-up time [prepared in advance with school]:

We have toga and female attire for two children (Emperor, Empress or senior officials). All other children have made swords and shields, representing either Romans or Celts. Offerings to the gods of the artefacts brought by Presenter (oil lamps, mirrors, combs, jewellery, strigil and olive oil for bathing, samian ware pottery, glass vials, mortarium for grinding corn, etc.). The artefacts are passed around and listed on the board, with explanations, in order to give an insight into everyday Roman life. Quick discussion on ‘what makes a civilisation?’ and the barbarity of the Gladiators/Crucifixion.

BATTLE! Children are taught the “sin dex sin” march and proceed into the playground. Photo time. Then ‘Romans’ make a testudo of interlocking shields as ‘Celts’ attack.

Boudicca appears as a Queen of the Eceni tribe- looking at Iron Age culture, life in a roundhouse, with a wonderful collection of period artefacts.

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