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Bring the Universe to your School!

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Workshop Category: Dinosaur, Early Years, Eco, History, Planetarium, Preschool and Nursery, Science, SEN, Space, STEM, Virtual Reality, World Culture, World War One, World War Two, and Earth ScienceWorkshop Tags: planetarium, Science, space, and STEM

Engaging presenters and 360° projection technology bring the thrill of Space and wonder of the night sky to your school. Students & teachers are left with vivid and lasting memories to motivate classroom learning.

This high-definition planetarium experience includes learning about the planets of the Solar System, both the rocky and gas giants, and how they are held by the Sun’s gravity. Pupils vividly witness that the Sun, Earth and Moon are approximately spherical – and the way these objects move relative to the Sun. They also observe how the Moon, rockets and satellites move relative to the Earth; and see for themselves how we experience day and night. The 360° planetarium can also dynamically describe the phases of the Moon, the reason for the seasons, and take children on a hyper-realistic rollercoaster ride to experience inertia, gravity and centripetal acceleration first hand!

We recommend leaving sufficient time for questions, to allow students to direct their own lines of enquiry. From exploding stars, colliding galaxies, supermassive black holes, and to what exists beyond the edge of the Universe – all questions are answered with unforgettable high-quality 4K visualisations on the dome.

We are proud to have more genuine, up-to-the-minute teacher feedback than any other digital dome operator in the UK – both online and on our website (immersive-theatres.com)

Schools in the Bristol area receive an astronomical 32% discount on their first booking!

We are also a FundEd Partner and you can apply for help to have your visit fully funded (application form on our website).

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