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Roald Dahl’s “The Twits”

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John Kirk Retells Roald Dahl’s In His Classic Storytelling

In the classic storytelling in workshops or traditional shows Mr and Mrs Twits are vile, disgusting people who enjoy playing nasty tricks.  But here comes a twist – a visit from the Roly Poly Bird will turn their world upside down! John Kirk is a professional storyteller working in Primary Schools, Libraries and at literature events across Britain. He enjoys bringing stories to life for young audiences.

Classic Storytelling Show For All

John offers his classic storytelling for school assemblies, class storytellings and event days for 3-11-year-olds.
Storytellings are 20-50 minutes and delivered as interactive workshops or more traditional storytellings.
John also offers traditional tales, Shakespeare, Greek Myths and Dennis the Menace stories.

What makes John’s Classic  Storytelling Special?

From John Kirk: I am a performance storyteller.  So, this means I have a dynamic and enjoyable style of presentation. Likewise, I use my face and body to tell stories and like my audience to participate as much as possible.  Some people describe my work as being a bit like a one-person show.

Why Book Classic Storytelling Workshop?

  • Live stories to young people.  I believe that I bring stories to life in fresh and imaginative ways and that in doing so.
  • To introduce children to new stories.
  • Get children excited about stories.
  • Encourage listening and participation.
  • Boost confidence and attainment.
  • Inspire children to read and to create their own stories.

A Bit About Prices:


John’s Classic Storytelling Primary schools in London and the South East (Kent, Surrey and Sussex).

  • Half day in a school – £250.00 including travel expenses*
  • Full day in a school – £350.00 including travel expenses*

Outside London and the South East

  • As above but additional travel and accommodation expenses may apply*

*Guideline prices take account of the train fare from Lewes to London. If I can reduce my travel expenses (driving to you, cheap rail tickets, visiting two organisations on the same day, working in the Brighton and Sussex area etc.) I’ll pass any savings onto you.  Additionally, when booking The Twits or The Enormous Crocodile a further licencing fees apply.

I appreciate that for many organisations money is very tight.  I am committed to offering reduced rates to small schools, private groups or charities wherever possible.

Feedback About John’s Classic Storytelling:

Don’t miss John Kirk’s genius storytelling. He’s brilliant!  John Kirk brings stories to life in an amazing way and encourages children’s reading, writing and listening skills.  Jeremy Strong, author of “The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog.” 

That was excellent John. Thanks so much for showing me and thanks so much for doing it in the first place!  You had me laughing within the first couple of minutes.  Well done! I loved it!  Nigel Auchterlounie, author of “Dennis and the Chamber of Mischief.”

What an amazing event.  Parents, children and staff were in awe from start to finish.  Librarian, Walthamstow, 2018

It was absolutely brilliant! Such a creative, inspiring and practical way of engaging the children. It is so evident how passionate John is about inspiring young minds and even us adults too!  Teacher, Chingford, 2018

A sensational performance delivered to nearly 400 children. They were engaged, enthralled and completely overwhelmed by the experience. They loved it!  Teacher, Clacton, 2018 

Fantastic storytelling.  If you want storytelling that really promotes books and reading as well as being fun, John is the best I’ve found for this.   Librarian, Wakefield, 2017 


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