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Fun & Interactive Maths Workshops

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Workshop Category: Academy Celebrations, Maths, Problem Solving, and PuzzleWorkshop Tags: 2d, 3d, fractions, fun, interactive, and Maths

Brainwave Education offers fun Maths Workshops delivered by Professor Brainwave, a character that children can relate to in a FUN and interactive way. Professor Brainwave has been developed over the past 12 years while working with primary school children.

Our workshops are designed around empowering children with confidence to ask questions and not to be afraid of getting it wrong as we believe there are no wrong answers, instead we see them as opportunities to pathways of learning. Each workshop has been designed with each age group and ability in mind, from Reception to Year 6.

Workshops are available from 1 hour to full day sessions, where we can work with both KS1 and KS2 children. A typical day would involve a fun assembly introducing Professor Brainwave and his core-learning ethos. Following on, we run workshops throughout the day for each year group starting with the youngest pupils first (when possible).


Pupils are faced with problems to solve, they will need to create 2d & 3d shape with particular properties, through the journey of discovery they will cover:

2d shapes, their properties, size, perimeter and area.
Doubling, estimating and sorting.
Making 3d shapes from 2d shapes.
Looking at angles and basic fractions.
Problem solving and visualisation.
Mental arithmetic.


The pupils will follow on from what Key Stage 1 has created. They will have to use problem solving and visualisation skills to create a giant tetrahedron, octahedron and cubes. Through their journey of discovering they will need to complete puzzles without knowing the goal and rules! This activity really cements the idea that there are no wrong answers, only pathways to learning! They will need to get it wrong to eliminate possibilities! They will cover:

Fraction, Multiplying, doubling and subtraction.
Rounding numbers up to powers of 10.
Number sequences
Calculating, estimating area and volume.
Looking in detail the properties of 3d shapes and how they interact with others.
Converting between units.
Lines of symmetry and angles.
Mental arithmetic.

Year 7 Induction Days

We offer a full or half day workshop for year 7 induction days. The day involves a variety of fun problem solving games where the children work together in teams. These workshops bring the students together, cement the mathematical knowledge that has been taught in primary school and take’ the next step, preparing them for the next installment of their learning.

Family Maths Workshop

Family workshops can be booked at the end of a Maths day or for a one off event. If it is booked at the end of a Maths Day, pupils are able to show their parents what they have learned by challenging them to solve some of the puzzles they have completed throughout the day. If it is a one off event, then the children will discover with their parents!

For children with learning disabilities, we offer a tailored package for schools; depending on the pupil’s needs and abilities, please contact us for more information.

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