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Educational Dance Workshops for Schools

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Dance Days specialise in providing dance workshops to schools covering multicultural and international dance styles alongside curriculum topics.

We have been providing dance workshops to schools in London, the South East, Midlands, the North West and Yorkshire since 2013. We are continuously recruiting to enable further coverage in the UK. Our experienced and professional teaching team have worked in many areas of the performing arts industry including musical theatre, TV and films.

Our dance workshops provide many pupils with the chance to experience something new, a way to build confidence, encourage out of classroom learning and help with physical education in a none traditional way. Through our dance workshops, we see some of the quietest pupils shine when learning a new skill.

We offer a wide choice of dance workshop styles, with many linking directly to the school curriculum and cultural celebrations throughout the year.

Some of our school favourites include :

Black History Month, Chinese New Year, and Diwali.

Schools also use our dance workshops when hosting an international or multicultural day or week and can build your own ideal Dance Day with a selection of dance styles from around the world.

You can find a full list of our dance workshop styles on our website.

By the end of one of our workshops, your pupils will be dancing back to the classroom and practising their new dance moves in the playground!

Address: Holbeach
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City / Town: London, South East, Midlands, North West, Yorkshire. We are always recruiting more dancers to enable wider coverage in the UK.


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