virtual workshops for schools

Virtual workshops for schools

What are the best virtual workshops for schools to enhance curriculum?
Space, sports, drama, art, math and English workshops work well in the interactive on-line mode. These workshops provide excellent value for money as a curriculum enhancement option both during and after a pandemic. Our expert users discuss their favourite virtual workshops for schools.

Our top 5 favourite virtual workshops for schools

virtual workshops for schools


Space workshops deliver on-live presenter-led sessions similar to the mobile planetarium. With in-depth astronomy knowledge, the presenter can design interactive sessions. The topics cover the journey through the Solar System, space exploration and space travel, constellation recognition, and much more. Children can participate in the talk by directly messaging their questions to the presenter. Quizzes to check the knowledge and opportunity to engage in hands space-related making activities are also benefits of virtual workshops for schools.

virtual workshops for schools


Joe Wicks proved to everyone that sport works well in a virtual format. There are plenty of online videos from yoga to body pumping sessions that a teacher can advise their pulses to log on and watch. What works even better is a custom-made spots session with a coaching professional. School can blood on-going daily 20 minutes turning boosts. Alternatively, it is entirely possible to have a virtual sports day and a healthy day get together. There is a range of sports workshops provider like Fitness Sessions Session. You can also approach your local health and fitness coach or a yoga teacher


Surprisingly, we found that virtual dance sessions were a big hit with the children. School can put on dance training sessions for different ages, sexes and music preferences. All hard work can then culminate in the end of year dance-off or video production. Companies such as Dance Days may offer virtual packages. Companies such as Bollywood Belles or  Ancient and modern Egyptian drumming and dance offer dance workshops with cultural or historical twists.

Creative writing workshops

There is plenty of advice and ideas available online, like the one from the children’s writer Kate Cunningham. If you want to have a more personalised session than providers like Little Creative Days can offer creative writing workshops that are fun and creative, both in-person and online. When it comes to creative writing, the virtual workshops for schools offer even more opportunities for getting imaginative with writing. In writers’ true style, the pupils can immerse themselves in their stories working on the computers in their own spaces. Access to many online responses allows workshop leader to help the ideas flow, whether on paper or using electric devices for writing.

There is numerous software such as Padlet, where real-time creative interaction allows a story created by may to unfold. Enhanced with images and sounds, the stories can come to life, and teachers can share them with parents. 

virtual workshops for schools

Cooking classes 

Cooking classes online is the most loved activity when it comes to virtual interaction. Of course, in many cases, cooking activities require parental supervision when a recipe requires more complex kitchen techniques application. However, there are plenty of fun and thought-provoking food-making ideas that will work well in home and schools settings, such as berry salad and healthy yoghurt breakfast making. The pupils can create and design and prepare their healthy lunches. Alternatively, they can take a more scientific approach to study different bread qualities by researching bread ingredients, tasking, and rating their nutrition values. For more idea, get in touch with Twiddle, who offers pasta making and food discovery workshops.