Art Workshops for Schools

We’ve taken some of our favourite workshops and are re-creating them as a rainy day activities. We have found our top three workshops and re-created for you to do at home.

Cooking school workshop – Rainy Day Activities

Twiddle is formally known for pasta making party, where guests can create pasta creations from scratch! The best thing about this party is you will not need to provide anything! Vicky is now creating online videos to show you how to make easy, child-friendly pasta at home. The videos are easy to follow along to, and the pasta can be stored in the freezer for the following week. However, she does not stop there! Vicky (aka Twiddle) also creates bread-making videos. She shows you how to create a mummy sourdough to make a then endless amount of sourdough bread (and as we know from experience, it is delicious).

Medieval Life & Times workshop

Black Knight Historical are medieval specialists, delivering school workshops for over 25 years. Medieval Life & Times workshop will bring history to life in your school.
The children are encouraged to dress up in costume, then immerse themselves in the period being studied, with music, dance, art, heraldry and daily life compared and contrasted with today. They are thought to have the most extensive collection of authentically replicated objects from the time for handling and examination/wearing has been researching, making and collecting artefacts for 30 years.

These include clothes, pottery, cooperage, glassware, tapestry, banners, arms and armour, cookery implements, furniture, food and drink, furs, religious objects, and activities such as: making butter, striking a coin, grinding corn, weaving/spinning, fire-lighting with flint & steel, and writing with quill and ink, plus interactive games to get children ‘up & doing’. Finally, the workshop includes understanding the power of the Church, learn a Latin prayer, what went on in a monastery; what were the Crusades; learn to dance the farandole, what did people do on Christmas day? -we explore all these topics as required.

At home, you can make your DIY Medieval costumes. You are using cardboard to make a sword and shield. Moreover, you can follow along with the DIY butter guide. Lastly, have a fire outside with the children. You can share the facts with them about medieval times. Just as if you had a primary school workshops.

Ancient and modern Egyptian drumming and dance

From our dance school workshops. Ancient Egypt is a fascinating subject for children. The workshop brings to life the celebratory aspect of Ancient and modern Egyptian culture with our Presentation, Dance / Drumming Workshops and Show. Workshops are available with drumming and dance or perhaps just one activity. With our tried and tested format that offers a fantastic experience for the children and a worry-free day for the teachers. The team are all experienced and skilled performers who inspire and bring out the best in pupils.

At home, you can create a fun (noisy) drumming workshop by asking the children to find objects that make different sounds. They can practise and create a small show. Asking them to base the sounds of well-known nursery rhymes works well. Furthermore, you can create amazing Egyptian sculptures using sugar cubes or sand.