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Virtual Reality = VR Education Tool

Let’s admit it: technological miracles are all around us. They became a great part of our daily life to such an extent, that we hardly notice them. We now have self-driving vehicles and robots, that make coffee. Thus, VR education seems like a completely new, logical step humanity is ready for. What was new and unknown a few years ago available for the general public now. We also use it in the variety of spheres: from medicine to education.

A famous American entrepreneur, Chris Milk, highlighted: “In virtual reality, we’re placing the viewer inside a moment or a story… made possible by sound and visual technology that’s actually tricking the brain into believing it’s somewhere else.” We are still learning about virtual reality. However, it is hard to deny, that is it a powerful tool and is used in the right way.  VR can be extremely beneficial in different spheres of human life. This is why we should pay close attention to it and try to get involved in the process of its growing and developing.

There Are More Uses to VR Technology Than Just GamingVR education workshops UK

That is right, apart from the gaming industry, VR is commonly associated with, it is being used for surgeons’ training, treatments of diseases as well as helps to transform the way kids are being educated, giving them real experience and interaction. While students and adults are trying to take an advantage of the real-life experience virtual reality gives, and use it for anxiety treatment, military training or yacht construction, the growing up generation refuses to carry around bags full of books and paperwork too. The information kids get from old methods of education is out-of-date and not coherent with the newest observations about the world. Let’s take geography, for instance: children are much more likely to memorise even basic information about ancient Pyramids when they are able to get closer to them and see them – this is when VR comes in handy.

When it comes to the role of virtual reality in education, first of all, it is a strong comprehensive tool. It is used to create a real or imagined world for users to interact with it and, most importantly, understand it, based on the feeling of presence. Engagement and visualization are crucial for learning new information, especially nowadays.

VR Education To Start a Revolution In Traditional EducationVR education about space

With that being said, it is pretty clear, why VR expected to start a revolution in traditional education. Furthermore, various governments around the world heavily investing in this technology. China makes a great example, being the most attractive market for VR education. Chinese government invests a considerable amount of money in the development of this industry. While kids are having VR-based lessons on a daily basis, exploring the galaxies and solar systems, students are learning 3D-body maps and acupuncture, using virtual reality. This all is one huge investment in the future, which is going to cost hundreds of billions soon.

According to Digi-Capital’s Augmented/Virtual Reality Report[1], the VR industry will be worth approx £90 billion by 2022, because the majority of industries will use virtual reality for education, training, entertainment or other types of services. The statistics mentioned above, first of all, highlight a great business potential of virtual reality. The market, which has not yet saturated, waits for those with innovative ideas. One of the greatest examples is the Science Cinema VR app designed by Altair Digital team.


VR Education Tool To Learn About Space 

VR Planetarium– a brand new step in the VR education Altair Digital introduced. The idea of the project uses a completely new approach to delivered information and engage different types of senses. Planetarium gives children an opportunity to study the world in virtual reality, with the help of scientific films. All you need is a pair of VR goggles and an app for an iPad. The software provides a bright and vivid image. Also, it delivers complex ideas about the world in a simple way. Lastly, there are 36 films to choose from in astrology, natural science, biology, physics and paleoethology.

Despite being a relatively new invention, VR Planetarium has been seen as an innovative solution by a number of entrepreneurs around the world, who are glad to introduce it as a brand-new education tool to schools in different parts of the world. Today Planetarium actively used in Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Iraq and Indonesia. The VR education technology is also moving to a number of other countries.

BookSchoolWorkshops That Can Use VR Educational Tool

BookSchoolWorkshops has several space-themed workshops. These include Immersive Theatres, Wonderdome, Explorer Dome and Immersive Experiences. Many of the space workshops providers compliment their 360 degree shows with the VR education experience. To book your space workshop simply go to Bookschoolworkshops home page. Then just search for a workshop that will suit you.