Top 3 Venues and Workshops

We share our top venue and workshop, in order to create a perfect party.


Venue: Hackenthorpe community centre


Size of venue: When we visited, they were holding a charity event where over 200 adults and children sat comfortably. Therefore, it is a great sized venue for any size.


Appearance: The thing that stood out to us about this venue is its stage, making it perfect for having entertainers such as magicians, karaoke or games entertainer.


Kitchen facilities: The kitchen here is reasonably sized. Moreover, has a helpful hatch, which makes passing food back and forth easier.


For adults: Unfortunately, no bar. However, with the kitchen being easily accessible adults can have plenty of sups of tea/coffee. In addition, the large number of chairs gives adults a place to sit and chat.


The workshop that we think would work best with this kind of venue is Chicken Wired Sculpture Workshops Offers Hand-On Learning. The workshop consists of a challenging and absorbing craft of wire sculpture workshops. Learning and developing 3D sculpture skills using a versatile medium whilst following National Curriculum guidelines.

Using just a pair of wire clippers, a pair of bent-nosed pliers and finger-friendly PVC coated chickenwire, the ChickenWired workshops offer pupils a practical, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable art day, creating their own 3D sculpture. Your child may of already had them at their primary school workshop.


Venue: Player’s Lounge Ecclesfield 


Size of venue: The player’s lounge is a comfortable size, but any more guests after around 50 may become overcrowded and uncomfortable.


Appearance: Player’s lounge is the back room of the pub. It has cushioned seats around the edge creating an amazing amount of seating. An amazing quality of this venue is they have a great dance floor with fabulous disco lights.


Kitchen facilities: Unfortunately, this venue does not have any kitchen facilities, which means nay food provided will have to be made on the day. Best to bring sandwiches, crisps, vegetable etc.


For adults: The big plus about this venue is the bar situated in the centre. This means your child’s party can also become an adult-friendly party. In addition, there is a local shop nearby. Which is a 3-minute walk and around a minute drive. Means you can do your weekly shop as you wait for your child.


With a small group of children, a circus skill workshop is perfect. Squire Circus Skills School Workshops provide a performance from our expert circus instructors. Later, the children can practise and learn some of the more basic skills learnt from the show. This workshop is similar and can be brought into/with a drama and theatre school workshop.



Venue: Fullwood scout hut


Size of venue: As you could tell by the name, it is around the size of an average scout hut. The venue can comfortably fit around 40 people. The venue itself is simply just a large hall.


Appearance: The appearance is plain, perfect for if you would like to decorate. This venue’s best characteristic is its garden space outside. Meaning the party can be brought outside in warmer weather.


Kitchen facilities: The kitchen is small and when being cooked in gets VERY hot. Nevertheless, has all the facilities and easily accessed next to the main room. In addition, warm food, tea and coffees can be made here.


For adults: Unfortunately, there is not much adult entertainment facilities at the hut. However, on the upper hand within a 5-minute drive you hit the country-side where you can go for a lovely stroll as you wait. In addition, there is an animal sanctuary where you can borrow a dog to take on a walk.


Twiddle workshop, is a small Sheffield business showing you how to make pasta. This workshop teaches children (or adults) how to make pasta from scratch and then cooks it creating a delicious end of party meal. Twiddle is known for working as a primary school workshop.