The Christmas Party

Christmas is many peoples favourite time of the year with the lights, food and cosy nights. Christmas is also the perfect time to invite family and friends’ round for a sing and a dance. Maybe it’s your turn to host the Christmas doo or your helping a friend get ready for hers. We’ve covered the three main areas in order for your Christmas party to be the talk of the year… if you play it off right. Trust us because we’ve been in the entertainment industry for years.


Decoration for the Christmas party 

Decoration is definitely key. Majority of people will go out their way to go look at the ‘Christmas house’ and children are in awe when a house has been decorated.



Paper snowflakes look effective and can be done with the children. You will need paper, pencil and a craft knife. Start by taking the strip of paper and folding it over 4 times. Draw out a snowflake template to fit the size of the paper. Next cut out the snowflake, make sure on the side that is folded you don’t cut it off!


Christmas Tree

You will need a cork and acorn.

Start by painting the cork brown. While you’re waiting for it to try paint the acorn green and add on lots of glitter. Once they have both dried using hot glue place them together… this will create you perfect table decoration.


Tree decoration

You will need mini wooden slabs, acrylic paint and brushes.

If you’re a born perfectionist or fancy a cosy night in with the kids. Get painting small scenic Christmas pictures on to the wood. Some ideas for you are snowmen, reindeers, snowflakes our words such as “jingle bell”.


Food for the Christmas party 

A classic all year food is rice krispies. Start by making a basic rice crispy mix. Take the mix and make them in to small krispies ball. Mix together green icing sugar and pour that on top of the ball. Creating a Christmas pudding like desert.


Christmas gingerbread cookies.

Using a basic sugar cookie recipe add a teaspoon of Christmas spices. Roll out the dough into a surface of the thickness of a 50p coin. Using Christmas cutters (or if you’re really good a knife) cut out Christmas shapes. Some good ideas are Christmas trees, Santa hats, reindeers and snowflakes. The last thing to do is decorate, we recommend using the Christmas colours – red and green.


Cucumber and carrot Christmas trees.

Take a cucumber of a length of around 15cm to 20cm and cut of thin strips (thin enough they become bendable but won’t snap. Then take the cucumber and cut off a thin slice, you will want to make this into a star.

Using a tooth-pick thread the cucumber on to it (use the photo for reference), on top add the cucumber a voila… you’re very own edible Christmas tree


Entertainment for your Christmas party


Face Painting

Face painting Sheffield have been working at events for over 3 years. With their limited edition, Christmas designs your party will be looking tip-top Christmassy. Take a look at their design page with designs such as Santa’s hat above the eyebrow, reindeer on the nose, snowflakes and the blinking snowman.


Pasta Workshop 

Twiddle Food is a pasta making workshop. Vickey is originally from Hungary so has transferred her skills over to England to share with us. In addition, she has lots of beautiful facts and tips she learnt when cooking in the kitchen with her grandma. Creating pasta by scratch is simple then you think and is a great party entertainment and ice breakers. The workshop also provides a tasty home-mad