Drama is a type of fiction that comes to life through performance. Drama or any kind of performing arts is a great way to bring out the inner confidence in a child. Apart from confidence, dramatics is a mode of expressing yourself and connecting with the masses through your performance.

Drama is performed in so many countries and art forms like these are accepted and lauded in all countries alike. The reason for this is, art unites everybody and sends powerful messages through it, which connect with the audience more than anything. It promises a lucrative career in the creative field as well. For a student who has a knack for performing arts from the childhood, proper training, background and knowledge of the field will do so much for the student’s career who is passionate about pursuing drama.


Importance of Teaching Drama to Primary kids

Teaching students of primary school dramatics and performing arts holds a lot of significance in their education. Education is about a wholesome transformation and growth. As much as the Science, Math and languages are important, so is subjects like drama. These subjects engage the creative abilities of a child and give them a mode to explore new things and develop a wholesome personality.

The reason why performing arts holds significance in primary education are elucidated as follows:

  • This is a subject of practical learning. It is easy for the students to be lost in the sea of theory and concepts, while drama and performing arts make sure that a student is in touch with practical learning as well.
  • Drama helps a child’s confidence. They become less conscious of going on the stage and expressing themselves, which ultimately brings out the confidence and creativity in them to explore different dimensions of their personality.
  • Drama offers the learning of a critical skill that is receiving and accepting the feedback of the audience and the experts. This makes students more receptive to feedback and takes the critique well. This skill pays a lot in the long run and makes students better in their careers, whichever they wish to pursue notwithstanding.
  • Drama makes the students be more in touch with their emotive side. This again points towards a wholesome development and makes children wholesome personalities and socially responsible citizens when they grow up.
  • Drama is all about expression. Students can understand and explore the depth of expressions and become more aware personalities. These expressions help in understanding the world better, which is an asset when children grow into adults.
  • Drama improves the cognitive abilities of a student. Apart from catering to a wholesome development of the child, dramatics complements a student’s study patterns and it helps the student devise unique and inventive techniques or learning methods that help the students in their academics as well.

Workshops For Drama

There is a dearth of trained teachers and professionals who can impart the right knowledge of drama to the children. It becomes a challenge to teach the students these skills and subjects without a proper curriculum and trained professionals. This is where conducting workshops helps a lot.



Workshops are indeed a better way to teach students about any subject as they provide practical learning and are an interactive mode of teaching as against the traditional method of theory learning. This offers a better understanding of the subject to the children.

You can conduct workshops on dramatic at your primary school through our website. The trained teachers will teach the students the very nitty-gritty of the subject and help them explore the vast subject easily. These workshops are available at all locations.Please check our website to know the exact locations.