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Top Three All-Time Favourite School Workshops


History School Workshops

School Workshops in history have been school favourite for a while. The reason for their immense popularity is the vast and varied proportion of history in the National Currrivimul. From Egyptians and Romans to Anglo-Saxons, Tudors, Victorians and World Wars, the history topics are always on the Primary School yearly agendas. Then the cycle repeats when the pupils arrive at their secondary destinations.

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Whatmore, history is better taught interactively. Hence, drama-based history workshops are always a hit with students. USing props and creating the life of our fabulously mysterious, yet influential predecessors interactive workshops bring history to life.

Drama School Workshops

Drama – the big friend of history as well as many challenging to teach a subject. From bullying to rational and religious hatred to mindfulness and well-being drama school workshops are there to help. Inviting a well-design drama workshop can be a great way to tackle many of the social and personal problems that pupils may experience.

For example, drama can cover issues such as creating stories that allow to open up, Anti-bullying and E-Safety. The benefit is that pupils’ problems can be addressed with the teacher rather than by the teacher.  All drama school workshops and creative performances complement the curriculum and bring joy to the whole school.

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STEM School Workshops

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics = STEM School Workshops. These subjects are in our everyday life, and our future also relies on developing knowledge further. However, up to now the presentation of the topics in the curriculum was putting off a considerable proportion of the pupils to take the subjects on as their future choices. Well, those times are long gone – STEM school workshops deliver fun and educational science. Also, a big push to re-thinking STEM provision in the National Curriculum lead to the emergence of some excellent science workshops provision.

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So what kind of STEM workshops are out there? The answer is all sorts. Just name it. For example, Working Science provides a range of hands-on physics and chemistry related workshops. Science Magic Shows turn science into magic and then magic into science. Personal animal encounters offer superb opportunity to have very close and informed animal interactions for those bussing animal scientist