What is a school workshop ?


A school workshop is provided by a wide range of companies.

They focus on one particular area of the curriculum such as science, history, music etc. The company providing the workshop will be experts in one particular area and will send one or more people with unique resources to deliver the workshop in school.

Companies providing school workshops can be small operations consisting of just one or two people up to much larger groups.

A school workshop is arranged between a teacher and company owner. The length of time of the workshop and details are also arranged in advance. This is so the specific needs of the school are met. The success of a school workshop is in the value of the education provided to the students. They must add a dynamic that the school teachers are not able to deliver themselves.

school workshop

Why do schools want companies to deliver workshops for them?


There are several reasons schools enjoy the services of workshops.


1: added value

Teachers need to generate interest and excitement about the topic they are teaching. Pupils genuinely interested in a topic will want to learn about it and also retain the information more successfully.

Bringing in a new person, who is not a teacher is exciting and interesting to the students. The person delivering the workshop will be a passionate expert in their chosen area and the pupils will pick up on this instantly.

2: low cost

The cost per pupil of a school workshop is low, and can range from just a few pounds per person. Compared to the cost of taking students out of school on a trip the cost of arranging a school workshop is much better value. There is no travel costs or entry fees to incur. The cost for taking students to a venue can easily add up to over £10 per head, whereas a school workshop can be as low as £2.

3: ease to arrange

As these companies deal with schools on a daily basis, booking is easy. Typically schools will just have to send an email to the company requesting a booking. The company will then follow this up and make the necessary arrangements. This is a considerable time saver for teachers.

4: no travel

These companies come to schools and will deliver their specific topic in either the school hall or other designated areas. This is a substantial advantage for teachers who do not have the headache of arranging transport, collecting money and writing the risk assessments.


How to go about arranging and booking a school workshop?


The providers can be contacted through this website directly. Just send a message and wait for a reply, then book your chosen date. Alternatively teachers can contact providers directly.

Booking a school workshop should be easy and straight forward to do.


Example of a school who booked a workshop


Mrs Little is a Year 4 teacher. Next term she is teaching the topic of ‘space’. Mrs Little would like to have someone come to school who can inspire and excite her class.

1: Mrs Little does a search on the bookschoolworkshop.com website under ‘space’. A number of different workshops appear that look suitable.

2: Mrs Little chooses a company that provides mobile planetarium shows in school halls. She sends a message through the website.

3: Later that day the company reply to her enquiry asking questions such as date required, age of pupils, type of show…

4: Mrs Little answers all questions and books the company to come into school.

5: At the start of the next term the company come to her school and deliver a really exciting day inside a mobile planetarium.


They are an easy and cost effective way to deliver a memorable learning experience to pupils in school. There is a wide range of providers available. Schools can choose exactly the right kind of workshop for their school.

Memorable experience

Having people visit your school can form incredible long lasting memories! Pupils have the added benefit of not having to travel to alternate locations and can simply enjoy the experiences that have been brought to them.

Wonderdome mobile planetariums are an excellent school workshop to book, teaching children about the wonders of space inside a mobile planetarium

You can find many excellent workshops on the bookschoolworkshop.com website: See some examples below

Animal Club – hands on learning about the animal kingdom

Face Painting Sheffield – amazing face paints for all events