What are Roman School Workshops?

Roman school workshops are varied in content. Whether it be trying to put on a toga, learning Roman numerals or finding out about the life of a Roman soldier, there is a workshop to suit your needs. The workshops are ran by experts in Roman history who will come to your school to deliver the chosen session.

A wide range of companies from different parts of country provide Roman school workshops. They will deliver the topic and bring resources such as artefacts and costumes, to your school.

The teacher arranges the workshop with the company owner. The details like time and date are flexible. In order to get the most from the workshop, specific requirements will be agreed in advance.


Advantages of Workshops

There are several reasons schools enjoy the services of workshops:

  1. No Travel – You can save time as the workshop will be in your school.
  2. Simple to Book – Booking is easy as schools will just have to send an email to request a booking. The workshop provider will follow it up and make the necessary arrangements.
  3. Subject Specialist – Bringing in a new person who is passionate about the subject will excite the students.
  4. Value for Money – Compared to the cost of taking students out on a trip, the cost per pupil of a workshop is much lower. In addition it is less hassle and paperwork than going somewhere.
  5. Memorable Experience – Having people visit your school can form long lasting memories. Pupils can enjoy the experience in familiar surroundings.

How do you Book?

The process of booking a workshop could not be easier. Simply select the workshop that matches you needs and contact them through the website. Just send a message and wait for a reply, the details can then be agreed. Alternatively, teachers can contact the provider directly.

Booking a Roman school workshop should be easy and straight forward to do. Choose your Roman School Workshop today.


Workshop Feedback

Mr Northcott booked a Roman workshop earlier this year.

‘We are starting to focus our learning this term on Roman history so I thought a workshop would be a good way to enhance the student’s learning. It was easy to book and they can tailor it towards your students. The children were enthralled, they really brought the history of the Roman invasion to life.’


Book your Roman School Workshop Today

Roman school workshops are available from a wide range of providers and can be a more cost effective option. Schools can choose exactly the right kind of workshop for their school. Browse some of the ones available today:

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