What is a Primary School Workshop?

Primary school workshops focus on one area of the many different ares of the curriculum, for example music, art or science. Experts deliver the workshops in that particular field and they will come to school to deliver the chosen session.

A wide range of companies provide primary school workshops and using this website will enable you to find exactly the right one. Experts deliver each topic and bring relevant resources to your school. This results in a unique and exciting experience which the children learn a great deal from and create lasting learning experiences that will help their overall development.

The teacher arranges the workshop with the company owner. The details like time and date are flexible. In order to get the most from the workshop, specific requirements will be agreed in advance.


What are the Benefits?

These workshops add a dynamic that school teachers aren’t able to deliver themselves. Highly trained teachers deliver exciting lessons however they are not able to provide the specific expertise that school workshop providers are able to do.

There are many reasons schools enjoy the services of workshops:

  1. Added value – Bringing in a new person who is passionate about the subject will excite the students.
  2. Low Cost – Compared to the cost of taking students out on a trip, the cost per pupil of a workshop is much lower.
  3. Ease of Arranging – Booking is easy. Typically schools will just have to send an email to request a booking. The company will follow it up and make the arrangements.
  4. No Travel – The workshop will take place in your school so a considerable amount of time will be saved as no need to organise transport.
  5. Memorable Experience – Having passionate subject specialists visit your school can create long lasting memories. Students can enjoy the experience in the comfort of familiar surroundings, like your school hall.

How do you Book?

Booking a workshop could not be easier and will enable you to create a truly memorable experience for your students and other colleagues.. Simply choose the workshop you desire and contact them through the website. Just send a message and wait for a reply, the details can then be agreed. Alternatively, teachers can contact the provider directly.

Booking a workshop should be easy and straight forward to do.

primary school workshop


Feedback from a Satisfied Customer

Mr Jones booked a history workshop because he thought it would be a good way to excite and engage his class.

‘For our new topic I was looking for something different to give my class a real taste of what life would’ve been like. I found the website easy to use and after a few emails it was booked. They tailored the workshop towards my students and it was a huge success. The children absolutely loved it mainly because it was so inspiring.’


Book your Primary School Workshop Today

Workshop providers deliver a wide range range of subject matter which is both educational and fun. Easy to book and as the workshop comes to you, no need to worry about planning travel for a trip out. This is a cost effective way to deliver a memorable learning experience to pupils in a school.

If you are looking for a workshop around the topic of space exploration we recommend wonderdome mobile planetarium.

A wide range of workshops can be found on this website and you can find a small selection below! Please use the main search bar to locate other school workshops.

Dance Days – Dance Days specialise in providing dance workshops to schools covering multicultural and international dance styles alongside curriculum topics.