Learning outdoors

SATS period is looming but the end of Y6 exam period does not mean the end of the academic year. So how do you keep that ready-to-move-one Year 6 engaged in learning? Inevitably, offering them to do Maths and English worksheet would cause a riot. Of course, nobody wants a rioting level ad twelve years old on their hands. Instead of worksheets, there are some pretty cool School Workshops out there to secure a peaceful and happy end of the summer term.


Here are some top five favourite end of the Y6 activities:


1. Inviting school workshops.

If you do not fancy travelling, you can use the money to have a range of school workshop providers directly to your school. There is an excellent range of workshops on www.bookschoolworkshops.co.uk  that will help to relax and enjoy the last month of primary school life after SATS.
For example, https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mental-benefits-of-exercise/ offer a short clip to have a re-charging session to work on emotion and psychological well-being. Alternatively, have some fun with the team while getting active with Mental & Physical Health Fun & Interactive Programmes https://bookschoolworkshops.com/workshop/category-anti-bullying/mental-physical-health-fun-interactive-programmes/

Book workshops directly via the bookschoolworkshop booking page. Or google to find alternative providers (it might take longer to search)


2. End of the school trip.

Always a winner! If you are an inner city school, you can choose between heading to the coast or explore amazing national parks. Peak District (https://www.peakdistrict.gov.uk) is a great place where your students can do the walking, caving, kayaking, weaselling and rock climbing. Youth Hostel Association (https://www.yha.org.uk) has many very reasonably priced accommodations in the most picturesque places. Plus there are many local businesses that can assist you with indoor and outdoor pursuits.

If you had enough of the natural beauty around you than city sightseeing is an answer. The UK or Europe school trips – the choices are endless. (https://www.voyagerschooltravel.com/school-tours-europe/school-trips-france/) Several companies offer ready-made packages, such as this French trip sightseeing around Paris, famous landmarks and more.


3. Fun on the budget. Local area.


Get in touch with local college/university training future educational professionals to organise an activity for your Y6s. For example, a historical or geographical treasure hunt around the local area. If you are lucky to have a university nearby, get in touch. Many departments offer exciting and interactive activities as a part of their outreach programmes. Arrange visits to local emergency services, cinema or even a local food provider. Many local companies would be happy to support a local school by offering free of charge services in line with their business.

4. A fun week on the budget. At school


Camping or a sleepover at the school. If your school got an outdoor area, the campsite could be set up directly on the school grounds. Complement the camping with some team-building activities. Add campfire in the firepit with some good old camp songs, roasted marshmallows, popcorn and other fun. Alternatively ‘a night at the school’ scenario with team games, treasure hunts and movie night will do the trick.

team building


5. Project week to develop useful life skills.


If you cannot justify spending on having fun that running a group project is an option. Help your Y6s to put their existing SATS skills into action and to build new skills. Run a charity enterprise projects or school fair projects. These offer enormous scope for creative thinking, project planning and management, teamwork and financial management to name a few. The pupils can design, plan, prepare and run their events. As the teacher, you need to step back and manage the process and people.