Covid-19 may mean your child has missed out on their birthday party. However, do not fret. With this full  party package you can make it up to them with a party they will never forget.

Who comes? 

Animal Club – bring animals such as: python snake, bearded dragon, tarantula, stick insects, rex rabbits and Guinea pigs.  

Hire candy floss – bring different flavours like blueberry, candyfloss, raspberry and plain 

Face Painting Sheffield – animals themed designs which vary from snakes, birds, butterflies and more. 

How does the planning of the party package look?  

Pre-party it is a simple and easy procedure. After going on to our contact page and sending an enquiry, they will ask for your:  

  • Date of party 
  • Start/ finish time of party  
  • Address of party   
  • Approximate number of children attending 
  • Age of children 

This means they can get the prep and make the perfect party for your child. 

How will the day plan out?  

“We will all arrive together around 10 minutes early, start setting up. All you will need to do is show us where 3 tables are and a couple chairs. Depending on the size on of the room, depending on the size of the room, depends on the way we lay out the party.  

The party lasts around 2 hours, the first 10 minutes will be waiting for people to arrive and giving the birthday child the first face paint as well as a few of the early arrives.  

Then we will get all the kids round in a circle and start the animal presentation.  

After all the animals have been shown we will give time for photos with a royal python snake around your neck and time for a proper cuddle with the fluffies if you have not yet.  

For the second hour the other children can be face painted while unlimited candy floss is being served.”

How will the day finish? 

Cash payment on the day can be made and a good clean, to tidy up all the mess that may have been made.  

What people said about us?
“The party was well organised, entertaining and stress free. 10/10 recommend” – Stacy, Treeton



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