New Year’s Party

After Christmas, you only have a few days till New Years. It is difficult to make sure the post-Christmas blues don’t keep your guests from having a great party. Many people may say that a New Year’s party is the same every year, from our many years of working in the entertainment industry and judging the quality of parties we’ve created a guide to the perfect New Year’s party including lots of great workshops.

Decoration for the New Year’s party 

New Year’s normally means glitter, sparkle, silver and gold. An easy and effective decoration is balloons. Balloons can be decorated over the whole ceiling to create a party like atmosphere. A cheaper option is to alternate silver and gold balloons.

On the other hand, sparkle balloons create a disco ball effect. They can be arranged in size order going up the wall. In addition, creating a beautiful addition.

An easy way to hang up the balloons is by hot gluing them on to a piece of string, this then allows it to be easier to hang up the string of balloons on to your ceiling, wall or doorframe.


Fairy Lights are perfect and create a magical aura at your party. The parties are normally quite late in the evening therefore the lights work beautifully with the dark evenings. Fairy lights which are small, and dainty can be hung-up around banisters, door frames tables and edges of walls/ceilings.


Star hanging decoration – Using double sided gold card cut out different size stars and pierce a small hole in the top. Then, using thin, sparkly thread thread through and tie in a not, creating a loop to then hang up on door ways, ceilings or anywhere where you can hang things off.


Food for the New Year’s party 

New years seems that everyone is still stuffed, from Christmas day, therefore, to fuel your guests through the evening keep them accompanied with some small nibbles.

Whether people are bringing children, or its adults only chicken bites are a big win (or Quorn chicken bites depending on your audience)

Cheese and pineapple bites. This combination might seem like a child-hood favourite, but we can promise you while you’re waiting for the clock to turn 12’o clock you’ll be thank full for these delicious, mouth-size treats. Another tasty child-hood treat is cocktail sausages. In order to make them more ‘adult’ add some honey to make them glazed.

Lastly, make sure to stock up on sweet treats. A great DIY is making normal cupcakes (any flavour will do) and then decorating them 2020 themed. Using decoration such as edible glitter, glitter gems, fondant numbers (to spell out 2020). If you don’t have the patience for decorating ebay sell great cupcake/cake toppers all in beautiful shapes and colours.

Entertainment for your New Year’s party

Face painting Sheffield have been working at events for over 3 years. With their limited edition, Christmas designs your party will be looking tip-top Christmassy. Take a look at their design page with designs such as Santa’s hat above the eyebrow, reindeer on the nose, snowflakes and the blinking snowman.

Pasta Workshop 

Twiddle Food is a pasta making workshop. Vickey is originally from Hungary so has transferred her skills over to England to share with us. In addition, she has lots of beautiful facts and tips she learnt when cooking in the kitchen with her grandma. Creating pasta by scratch is simple then you think and is a great party entertainment and ice breakers. The workshop also provides a tasty home-mad