Blogs for teachers. During quarantine, many things are going online. However, some people have been ahead of the trend and already started to create educational blogs. We’ve picked out our favourite online websites where you can find worksheets, tips and hints for your classroom or school.

The Polko dot teacher – Blogs for teachers


The Polko Dot Teacher – Jessica helps teachers integrate google and technology into teacher’s classrooms. As times are changing Jessica shows how you as a teacher can quickly jump on-trend. From ICT lessons to PowerPoint slides you can become an expert in the IT world. Furthermore, as the world becomes more online, you can be ahead of the game.

One of her latest blogs shows (and gives links) to a range of slides which can be used as weekly planners. She creates them to be colourful to keep the children engaged. Jessica says: “Google Slides are an amazing tool that can be used in soooooo many amazing ways. If you are able to embed in your Learner Management System…Google Slides make putting information out there in easy ways! Here is are some quick examples of how to use Google Slides in BrightSpace/D2L that I put together for my teachers. Get a template of each Google Slide deck in the link under under each example.”

Teach Junkie – Blogs for teachers

Teach Junkie – Leslie started her blog for teachers to share lesson plans, activities and worksheets. She focuses on sharing free advice as believes education should come at no cost. on her website you can find drama workshop alterantives! Leslie writes: “One of my favorite things to do is collect lots of ideas in one place so that you save time looking for the best stuff online. These collections are some of my most popular posts! I can’t wait to share them with you.
Another favorite thing of mine is to showcase the work of other teachers. I think you’re all fantastically creative and wonderful. Really! So, if you browse the website you’ll see posts that feature other teachers too and lead you to their blogs.”


Wonder dome

Wonder dome – Wonderdome provides amazing planetarium shows that create a unique learning experience brought to you as a primary school workshop . From the outside, it looks like an impressively large dome which is filled with air from a strong fan. The environment created by the dome is completely dark and immerses the visitor into a wonderful experience of the universe! They create great STEM school workshop activities.

Though this page is not directly related to providing blogs for teachers, they create amazing worksheets that can be used after their workshop or just as a help sheet for your every day classes.

On the Wonderdome website they say “ Wonderdome has a number of very useful resources that to make use of ahead of your visit and after.
Please find links to a variety of free astronomy resources for schools.”