Creating your workshop is a fun, creative business idea. However, where do you start? Book School Workshops has worked with many businesses and want to tell you how you can become an entrepreneur.


Brainstorming ideas for your business

The main thing is planning. Find something you are passionate about, think back to what you used to enjoy. Start by jotting down ideas for your workshop. Then look at the costs. You do not need lots of unusual items to create your studio, start by buying the basics and then as your workshop business develops, you can add more amazing products. Also, for each idea, you have wright down the pros and cons, this can even be done for drama and theatre school workshops. Furthermore, take a look at what another workshop there are and if you can adapt that idea for your area.


Business workshops to get ideas from

Roman School Visits –

From our primary school workshops Roman Tours can bring life to the story of the Roman invasion of Britain and the legacy of an empire nearly 2000 years ago. Making Roman history fun, factual, interactive, engaging and relevant. Roman Tours provide a unique and dynamic educational experience of the Roman invasion and the settlement of Britain.

The roman school visits are breathing life into the past and making it accessible to school-age children through an interactive, multi-sensory approach to learning. Notably, the vast majority of information that Roman Tours passes on comes directly from the work of archaeologists, who are continually updating and enriching our ideas and conceptions of the past. Roman Tours have worked in close conjunction with archaeological professionals over the past twenty years in their home city of Chester and beyond.

Making Roman history fun, factual, interactive, engaging and relevant.
Providing a unique and dynamic educational experience of the Roman invasion and the settlement of Britain. Using costumes and equipment, reconstructed from artefacts found through archaeological investigation.


Fitness Sessions –

Fitness Sessions, from our are designed to give pupils a full-body workout as well as reinforcing the key messages of keeping healthy. They provide a fun-packed, non-stop, a fast-paced, sweat-inducing session that motivates pupils to understand that keeping active is a vital part of staying healthy. They aim to encourage children to choose active lifestyles and to help them realise that being active and wanting to participate in exercise can be a lot of fun.

Creative and Curriculum Workshop – They offer a tailor-made service to provide your school or classroom with any workshop you require. Whether it be curriculum based, or you’re catering for a special event or holiday camp, they can personally arrange this to the highest quality!
With over 14 years’ experience in providing workshops to schools. However, not only do they give the workshops, we ensure the whole day/event runs smoothly, so you don’t have to do anything! You can even get involved with the workshops yourself!


Where to advertise

Our website – Book School Workshops provides a fantastic platform for workshops to promote themselves. We have lots of schools come and visit our site. Facebook is also an excellent platform for you to help yourselves. The main thing for Facebook is to keep updating it!

Overall, when creating your child-friendly workshop, make sure you have and get passionate!