How to make history lessons fun


History lessons can be fun. If you are able to make the students you are teaching really engage and understand the history topic you are teaching. You may be able to achieve this by introducing a range of measures such as trips, speakers, artefacts, workshops and drama. Try to understand your students and create lessons that are meaningful for them.

What kind of history trips are there?

Trips to areas of historical interest can create interest on the topic you are teaching. By getting out of the classroom and spending time in a place that you are learning about can be incredibly meaningful to your students. It will really bring the topic to ‘life’. For example if you were teaching about the Tudors then a trip to a preserved Tudor house would enable your learners to see first hand exactly what a Tudor house looks and feels like. This Tudor house in Sheffield is a great example of history being brought to life.


How to make history lessons fun

What kinds of historical speakers are there?

If going out of school is too problematic due to cost, transport or risk assessment you may want to ask a historical speaker to come into your school. Asking a speaker to come into school costs less and is easier to organise. There are all sorts of speakers who would be keen to come into your school. Ranging from free volunteers who may have extensive historical knowledge to professional companies who will send actors  dressed in full costume and perform as the character from history. Your students will enjoy this first hand experience, and benefit from meeting someone from outside school who has a wealth of historical knowledge which they can ask questions about.

What kind of historical artefacts for history lessons?


How to make history lessons fun


What kinds of history workshops are available?


There are a many history workshops available for school. Simply inform the company of the topic you are studying. They will be able to advise you on the correct workshop. Workshops are a really good way of providing an exciting learning experience inside the school. This means the costs can be kept down by not having to arrange travel and admission to a historical site. However, you will be able to create some historical ‘magic’ inside your school. The children will really enjoy and learn from. History workshops can be run in a way that you watch a show. They can also be more interactive, with the pupils actually partaking in the event.


How to make history lessons fun


What kinds of drama can you do in a history lesson?


Including drama in a history lesson creates an element of creativity and excitement that most students will enjoy. Watching actors perform in a historical show or film is beneficial. But by the students themselves actually being in their own drama performance and creating their own show can ignite a really interest in the area of history being studied. Drama sessions in history lessons can be short improvised sessions. They can also be a lengthy week long production that includes making resources and writing speeches.


History lessons can, with some thought and imagination, be incredibly exciting. Try getting into the minds of your students. By understanding what kinds of learners they are you will be able to create the right formula that ignites their imagination. Many adults can still remember school trips which they went on as a child. So don’t hesitate in creating your very own piece of history!