What are History Workshops for Schools?

History workshops for schools are varied in content, from humorous re-enactments to informative sessions that get the student involved making things and looking at artefacts. There is something to suit all school and requirements.

A wide range of companies provide history workshops. They will deliver the topic and bring resources to your school.

The teacher arranges the workshop with the company owner. The details like time and date are flexible. In order to get the most from the workshop, specific requirements will be agreed in advance.

history school workshop

What are the Benefits?

These workshops add a dynamic that school teachers aren’t able to deliver themselves.

There are many reasons schools enjoy the services of workshops:

  1. Booking is Easy – Typically an email is all that is required to request a booking. The company will then follow it up and make the necessary arrangements.
  2. Cost Effective – The cost per pupil is much lower for a workshop than a school trip out.
  3. Less Hassle than a Trip – As the workshop will take place in your school there is no need to organise transport, this is a huge time saver.
  4. Subject specialist – Having passionate subject specialists visit your school can create long lasting memories. Students can enjoy the experience in the comfort of familiar surroundings, like your school hall.

How do you Book?

Booking a history workshop could not be easier. Simply choose the workshop you desire and contact them through the website. Just send a message and wait for a reply, the details can then be agreed. Alternatively, teachers can contact the provider directly.

Booking a workshop should be easy and straight forward to do. Peruse theĀ History School Workshops available.


Customer Feedback

Mrs Slater booked a history workshop as he thought it would be a good way to excite and engage his class.

‘We were starting a new topic and I was looking for something different to give my class a real taste of what life would’ve been like. I found the website easy to use and after a few emails it was booked. They tailored it towards my students and it was a huge success. The children absolutely loved it! It was so inspiring.’


Book your History Workshop for Schools Today

There a wide range of workshop providers available and the workshops are simple to book. Workshops are a cost effective way to deliver a memorable learning experience to pupils in a school. It’s so much easier than booking a school trip, book yours today.

Types of History Workshops available:

Tudor History School Workshops

World War 1 and 2 School Workshops

Victorian History School Workshops