Drumming School Workshops – what are they ?


Drumming School Workshops are a unique and exciting experience to have in a school. The students like the workshops for a number of reasons such as; being able to learn and use drums, learn to keep in rhythm and experience a little bit of professional music. The workshops are lots of fun, students like spend time with their friends whilst learning a new skill, it is something different and unusual. Students can learn new skills including playing different types of drum. Having different professional musicians coming into a school provides an exciting learning experience.

drumming school workshop

What kinds of things happen in this workshop?


In a Drumming School Workshops the aim is to learn to play different drums, gain some understanding of rhythm and possibly create and deliver a production by the end (not all groups achieve this). This might be performed in front of the school or wherever you are. At the start the musicians need to assign different roles such as conductors, musicians and people who work with the props. The next step is when they start to practice the musical piece and learn their parts. The whole production can take up to 2 days or more to complete depending on the size of the group. 


What are the benefits of this workshop?


  • Learn a new skill of drumming
  • Understand how drums can be combined to make a piece of music
  • Develop an appreciation for rhythm
  •  Have fund and enjoy some time playing drums!


How to book a drumming school workshop?


  1. Search the internet for companies who deliver drumming school workshops.
  2. Email or call each company to find out what kind of service they deliver.
  3. Book the workshop for a future date.
  4. Prepare for them to come by forming groups and informing parents.
  5. On the day welcome them to school.


Drumming school workshop are a wonderful way to add something different and exciting into the school curriculum. Being a relatively unusual activity, the majority of students will not have partaken in this. Therefor you will have the opportunity to enjoy watching your students engage in a creative and exciting learning experience.

You can find and book drumming school workshop providers on this website. Please follow the links below:

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