Art party for children and adults.

Do you or your children love to draw? Do you want to make special birthday party or spend interesting time with friends and get new experience? Our new art party package means you learn how to create your very own masterpiece with all your close friends and family.


Is it a mobile party?

The art party can be at a location of your choice. Examples of venues that have previously worked well are; houses, café, church hall and scout huts. A mobile party means the hassle is taken away from you, the party host will come, provide an amazing class and then be off creating the perfect party art class.


“I’ve never done art before; I probably won’t be any good”

Doing art and getting creative is something many adults miss from their lives. There is no such thing as ‘good art’ and ‘bad art’, we believe that every art made in the class is a masterpiece. Moreover, the art class is meant to be relaxing and fun so don’t worry what other people will be thinking, we know you will do great.

The class provides help and guidance, therefore you or your children are able to use the taught skills to create whatever you like.


What does the party package offer?


Canvas painting.

You will explore certain painting techniques and basic painting skill to create a piece of art. The topic can be based on your interests or it could be surprise. Paintings will be on canvas, using acrylic paints (or kids washable paint)

Watercolour painting.
Learn how to use watercolours to create your own beautiful piece of art. Paintings will be on quality watercolour paper. The topic can be based on your interests or it could be surprise.

Watercolour card.
Learn how to use watercolours to create your own beautiful piece of art.  Make up to 3 cards with different design for any occasion or particular of your choice. This type of class is perfect if you are wanting to create birthday cards or Christmas cards. In addition, it gives you a reason to share your art.

How will the party plan out to be?

  • The party entertainer will come and set up around 30-20 minutes early.

(Please note we also want guests to arrive on time in order to make sure we can use the party time as effectively as possible.)

  • As soon as majority of the guests have arrived, we can get the party started.
  • You will have pre-discussed what you want the party art media to be (look above to pick yours)
  • After the party has been the host will pack up and all you need to do is keep your memories


£8 per person, this includes all supplies as well.



We recommend from ages 5+ and onwards as younger tend to find it hard concentrating for 1 hour straight.



For booking and more information message Face Painting Sheffield