What are Drama and Theatre school workshops?

Drama and Theatre school workshops are an exciting experience to have in a school. The students like the workshops for a number of reasons such as; they are fun, students like to act and spend time with their friends, it is something different and unusual. Students can learn new skills including socialising, how to use props and speaking in public. Having different professional actors coming into a school provides an exciting learning experience.


In a Drama and Theatre school workshop the aim is to create a production by the end. This might be performed in front of the school or wherever you are. At the start the actors need to assign different roles such as actors, back stage and people who work with the props. The next step is when they start to practice the play and learn their parts. The whole production can take up to 2 days or more depending on the size of the group. 

drama and theatre school workshop

What are the benefits of booking a drama and theatre school workshop?


Students learn new valuable skills

  • Projecting their voices
  • Working with people
  • Growing in confidence
  • Speaking in front of people

How do you book a Drama and Theatre school workshop ?

  1. Email or call each company to find out what kind of service they deliver.
  2. Book the workshop for a future date.
  3. Prepare for them to come by forming groups and informing parents.
  4. On the day welcome them to school.



Drama and Theatre school workshops are highly beneficial to students as mentioned in all the points above.


Our recommendation is don’t waste anymore time book a drama and theatre school workshop today.

If you are interested inn drama out of school we recommend PQA academy 


Please find links to some drama and theatre workshops on this website;


Divergent Drama is a pioneering educational company that delivers drama workshops, drama clubs as well as plays. Our workshops and plays complement the national curriculum and can be tailored to each school’s needs.

A viking tale 

When Freya’s village is threatened with famine she decides to set off on a quest to find Sigurd’s Treasure. On her journey she meets a host of colourful characters that both help and hinder her in her quest. Each character allows us to show a different aspect of Viking life as well as being entertaining for the children.

Goldilocks & the 3 bears 

In this fun and exciting reworking of the classic story the audience travel with naughty Goldilocks as she runs away from home into the forest. This inventive retelling of the story supports the National Curriculum study of Traditional Tales as well as Literacy, Numeracy & PSHE.