We understand that for lots of children on the spectrum they cannot join in on many of the workshops and fun activities that children in mainstream school can. Therefore, we’ve found three of our top special needs friendly workshops that can create a fantastic experience for any children. Focusing specifically on making sure there are no loud sounds, and everything is sensual and makes sure the children can get involved.

Disability awareness workshop

VEUcan was founded in 2011 by its director, Nath Fernandes who has severe Cerebral Palsy, with the vision of promoting awareness of disability to educational institutions including primary and secondary schools as part of the PHSE and Citizenship curriculum.

Nath Fernandes himself delivers workshops.

The workshops use physical learning and allow the students to get involved and create a new understanding of how someone with a disability may have to cope in their everyday life. For example, the blindness activity: Take two participants. One participant is blindfolded and has to restack Russian Dolls whilst the other is only allowed to give verbal guidance. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

The feedback that Nath has received in the past from teachers has been fantastic. Also, Nath can customise workshops to fit in with a specific part of the curriculum.

Wonderdome Workshops

These shows are also very popular with individual educational provision schools as they can easily create a tailor-made content plus make the dome wheelchair friendly and special needs friendly.

Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium can be set up in just about any ample indoor space and cater for many years groups in one day. This means nobody needs to travel anywhere to enjoy the experience. Thus, booking our services makes a very cost-effective activity! All you have to do is to come along to your Hall and enjoy the experience. It is an incredible way to learn about the wonders of space due to the unique environment the dome creates.
In a typical primary stage, Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium shows they look closely at the Moon, our nearest neighbour. Moreover. Discover how important it is to live on Earth and why it appears to change shape. We also find out what it is like to live on a spaceship and enjoy the experience of being weightless!

Steelpan Workshops

Steelpan workshop is a great workshop as it gets children actively involved as well as involving senses such as sound – perfect for special needs. The workshop gives the children an opportunity to experience live music, have a go, dance, learn about history and how the steel pans are made and played. Using picture illustrations, tools, and a chance for children to ask us questions (depending on age and ability).
The workshops can be booked a half-day (am or pm) or a Full school day.
The workshops have proved popular because the music allows the children to express themselves, but more importantly, it teaches them something about another musical culture and its history. Furthermore, the music allows the children to express themselves freely. Additionally, it teaches them something about another musical culture and its history.