Immersive Creative Writing X Wonderdome Workshop


What is a wonder dome workshop?

Wonder dome workshop provides amazing planetarium shows that create a unique learning experience brought to your school or organisation. From the outside, the dome looks like an impressively big filled semi-circle with air from a strong fan. The dome was created lightweight which makes the dome transportable to schools, church halls or other large areas where inflated. Inside the dome, there is specialised visual and audio equipment which projects onto the inside of the planetarium. As well as a 360-degree experience which is totally immersive. The environment created by the dome is completely dark and immerses the visitor into a wonderful experience of the universe!  Wonder dome is an inflatable planetarium. In addition, fixed planetariums are at places such as museums and other specialised locations.


How does it link with creative writing?

After pupil’s evoke their writing juices in the spherical mobile structure with 360-degree projection. The Immersive Writing Experience allows the students to work in groups to creative, amazing material.  The students will start by taking notes inside of the dome about what they see, hear and feel. Students will then work in groups to accumulate creative material. After leaving the dome they will sit down with the pen and papers or a computer. In order for the students to convert their creative gems into individual masterpieces.

The topic of the session will change according to the topic of the school. For example, you inside a body, a fly on a wall, look on the starry sky or having a sensory experience. Lastly, the most brilliant thing about this space adventure is it is suitable for any age and any learning ability (proven that the children can write).




Poetry Performances Workshops

Poetry can be dated back as far as 2000 B.C(centuries before humans began writing down their stories). One of the earliest poetic works, called the epic poetry. As schools begin to introduce the amazing world of poetry what better way to do it then through workshops or assemblies. The company have altered different types of assemblies/workshops in order to fit any age between EY and KS1 to KS2 and KS3.

The average day with this workshop starts off with an assembly in the hall. The presenter will read poems, play interactive games and get the year/school warmed up for a day of creative writing. Later on, there will be a rotation of 4 workshops where you will be able to start creating your poetic masterpiece. The best thing about this workshop is right at the end their will be a big presentation where everyone can join together and present their masterpiece. BY getting children to preform and share ideas it boosts confidence and creativity (as they don’t want to present something bad).

But not only poem workshop an amazing idea, Mr Poem who runs the sessions is acknowledged for his enthusiasm, which encourages and inspires motivation throughout the young writers. But how can you trust his workshop to be better than the next persons? OFSTED recognised him as ‘Outstanding!’ Moreover, most importunately he has had 16 years of experience and has visited over 1000 schools.