What are CPD School Workshops?

CPD school workshops are invaluable when it comes to staff training. Easy to book, these workshops provide inspirational ideas and equip staff, when planning future class activities.

There are a variety of providers of these workshops. They will come to you to deliver your chosen topic and bring the necessary resources to school.

Workshops are organised directly with the company owner. The details like time and date are flexible. In order to get the most from the workshop, specific requirements will be agreed in advance.

cpd school workshops

What are the Advantages?

These workshops are designed to give staff new ideas that they can bring to the classroom. They are easy to arrange but have a huge impact.

There are many reasons schools enjoy the services of workshops:

  1. Ease of Booking – Booking a CPD workshop could not be easier. Simply submit an inquiry and the company will follow this up. This is a considerable time saver for staff.
  2. Value for Money – Sessions are done to all staff together, the cost per head is low. Compared to the cost of taking staff out or training.
  3. No Travelling Required – The workshop will be delivered in the comfort of your school.
  4. Memorable Training – Giving staff insights that can be taken to the classroom. In addition, due to the practical nature, it also acts as a team building exercise.

Booking is Easy

CPD workshops are easy to book. Simply choose the workshop you desire and contact them through the website. Just send a message and wait for a reply, the details can then be agreed. The provider can be contactable directly also.

Booking a workshop is easy and straight forward to do.


Workshop Feedback

Mr Clay booked a CPD workshop for staff, the focus being ideas for PE lessons.

‘We were looking for new ideas to run PE sessions in school because we wanted to offer our students a new experience. The session was great and the staff in particular really enjoyed it. It became a staff bonding exercise and they all took a lot away from the session. Because everyone had so much fun the time went really quickly.’


Book your CPD Workshop Today

There are a wide range of workshop providers available. Booking is simple and as the workshop comes to you, no need to worry about planning travel for a trip out. Furthermore, workshops are a cost effective way to deliver staff training to all. Have a look at some of the CPD workshops available: CPD Workshops.

Book School Workshops aims to provide the widest range of both school workshops and primary school workshops.