Circus workshops for schools see active participation from children and are ideal for strengthening hand-eye co-ordination for the children. Some circus skills may also help in improving cognitive skills. For children, a school workshop that involves clowning is always fun.

Teachers gain from a primary school workshop like this because it encourages physical and mental development. It also involves learning skills from professionals who may have been a part of the circus for years. They share interesting stories with children to increase student engagement. Other benefits of conducting a circus school workshop are:

  • It fosters development and learning among children in an environment full of fun and laughter
  • Professionals teach children skills and use personal experience to guide the children
  • The cost of hosting such workshops are very low per head making it viable for most schools
  • Children do not have to travel anywhere because the workshop is conducted at the school

To book a school workshop, you can visit The search bar on the home page allows you to look up workshops of your choice. Alternatively, you can click on the menu icon and choose to search by category or region. You will find a list of workshops matching your search request. It is easy to complete the booking through the website.

An example of a school who booked Circus workshops for schools:

Circus Workshops for Schools


Mrs. Little wanted her Year 3 students to learn circus skills from professionals. She felt it could help them learn new tricks and, at the same time, improve physical and mental development.

Step 1 – She visits On the website, she looks up the circus school workshops available from different providers.

Step 2 – After going through all the companies offering the service, she chooses one provider. To book the workshop, she sends in an inquiry message to the company.

Step 3 – Later that day, she receives an email response to her inquiry. The email asks her for details about the children attending the session. They also want her to fill in the date and time for the workshop.

Step 4 – Mrs. Little replies to the email with all the details asked by the company. She confirms her booking.

Step 5 – On the requested date and time, the circus workshop providers arrive at the school. They conduct the workshop and share lots of interesting circus tricks with the students. Everyone enjoys the workshop.


Successful workshops benefit the children as well as the school. We have a long list of workshop providers who offer different workshops like dance school workshops, CPD school workshops and dinosaur school workshops. All bookings can be made directly from the website in a hassle-free manner.