Why should we give you christening inspiration?

We have been working in the entertainment industry for over five years. This means we have been to many places, from the simplest of children’s parties to grand weddings and even hen dos there is nothing we haven’t seen. After being too many christenings not only as entertainers but also as guests, we have devised a natural read christening inspiration. Covering areas of decoration, games, entertainment and food – you know that your wedding will be a truly unforgettable moment.


How to book through us

Book School Workshops has been done so that we can provide you with all. The best workshops around England. All you have to do is:
1. Type in the seminar you want (i.e. art, kids, music, adult)
2. Find the workshop that most suits what you are looking for (you will be sure to find one among our 100s of workshops)
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To make decoration easier, we recommend choosing a themed colour; any bright colours (such as blue, yellow, pink) are perfect to start a theme for all your decoration.
Sweet jars are not only photo-genetic but double up as a party bag! A little on the pricey side but sentimental is M&Ms customised
However, a DIY way is to go to your local sweet shop and fill up mason jars with the same coloured sweets.
Another fun decoration is bunting – the best idea we have ever come across consisted of all the guests decorating bunting (On the table was glitter, pens, 3D stickers) The bunting can be put together as a gift for the babies new room.


For adults, it’s comfortable all they need to do is sit back and have a chat. Countless times have I seen children nagging their parents because there are no games. Hire out giant noughts and crosses, snakes and ladders, connect four and even kerplunk they not only entertain children but are also a great ice breaker for children who might not know each other.
However, great games that include the adults are Bean Bag Bowl Toss, Ring toss game and Big Bananagrams (a personal favourite). Big Bananagrams can be made by customising scrap cardboard (if you are outside) and customising paper (if you are working in a smaller indoor space).


Face Painting Sheffield a classic addition to any event; they can modify designs depending on the theme of the event (e.g. whinny the poo, unicorns, etc.). Face painting can be done for all ages and is an excellent call for a photo opportunity.
Animal Club brings fluffy, and reptiles animals to events not only giving children educational information but also lets children hold and experience different things – we’ve also found that children who usually are more nervous around animals can reduce any anxieties.
Australian Aboriginal Art  – Create Australian Aboriginal Art with an experienced artist and storyteller. This activity is suitable for all ages and abilities. From simple to more advanced techniques, our workshops help to get creative and learn about Australian art and history.


Arguably the most important thing at any event. Our christening inspiration bake which we have enjoyed the most are cake pops, inspiring them to fit with the overall, colour theme of the christening – https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/cake-pops
Traybakes are a great way to feed your guests and keep them satisfied. With the bakes ranging in difficulty and taste, there will be something to suit everyone.