What Charity Workshop do we offer?


Find the charity workshop through our system to help you easily find and book the very best school workshops.

Similarly, the school workshops are available in a wide range of areas including; dance, animal handling, science experiments, planetariums, history, storytelling, arts and crafts, sports and more.

We are on the constant look out to find the very best school workshops for you. Our range of workshops continues to grow and develop.

Quality checked ensures they deliver a fantastic experience. We want your school to have a wonderful day and learn in an exciting way.

School workshop make great economic sense. The whole schools involved and there is no expensive travel or tickets needed!

Workshops are perfect when it comes to charity fundraisers, they provide entertainment and a memory for your clients. In addition, all the workshops listed can be used as primary school workshops many workshops give discounts such as Face Painting Sheffield who have been to:


Sparkle Sheffield joined with a charity workshop.


Started by parents of autistic children, Sparkle Sheffield exists to help families with autistic children meet the challenges they face, feel less isolated, less frightened and more empowered.
“It first started when I was face painting for Norfolk Park School, I was brought new skills, for example dealing with children who can only sit still for a short amount of time. The ladies (who runs Sparkle) child got face painted by me and that’s how we came in contact. I came to events and sat offering free face paint and glitter tattoos. People in return gave small donations which all went to the charity.”


Wildlife Trust


In Sheffield Town Centre the Wildlife Trust held a peaceful protest, where they were trying to get signatures against the building of a car park where lots of beautiful wildlife will get ruined. We came and face painted animal-themed face paint for free. As a result, Face paint is an instant visual attraction, it always the cause to be known about as the children/adults walk around.


Other charity workshop that a great for charity events include:

Animal Club as a Charity Workshop


Animal-Club provides exciting animal handling experiences to schools, clubs, homes and parties. Our presenter-led shows are a wonderful experience where children and adults can look, touch and ask questions all about the animals we bring along. Moreover, this is taken from our primary workshop page you can be guaranteed a good laugh.


Finally, taken from our drama and theatre school workshop page is the drama, interactive performance of: Roald Dahl’s “The Twits”. Where John Kirk Retells Roald Dahl’s In His Classic Storytelling. In the classic storytelling in workshops or traditional shows Mr and Mrs Twits are vile, disgusting people who enjoy playing nasty tricks. In addition, here comes a twist – a visit from the Roly Poly Bird will turn their world upside down! John Kirk is a professional storyteller working in Primary Schools, Libraries and at literature events across Britain. He enjoys bringing stories to life for young audiences.


This workshop makes a great main entertainment where guests have to buy tickets or used as an extra form of charity fundraising.


Finally, charities that have worked with these workshops before are: