World book Day School Workshops

World Book Day is an educational day of fun, where book day workshops make the day amazing. World Book Day represents an annual event to promote reading, publishing, and copyright. Typically, during the day students and teachers dress up as their favourite book character. In addition, they spend the day reading books and participating in book-related games. This day is normally a really fun day for children where they do book-related activities. One way to say well-done to children and teachers (while keeping it educational) is through the school workshops. However, we believe that every day should be book day and there is never not a day where we cannot celebrate the love of books.

Here are some top five favourite book day workshops:

  1. Inviting English workshops .

Book school workshops strive to provide you the perfect workshop for your class/ school. Therefore, on our website you will find a range of mobile workshops (both for indoors and outdoors) that fits the criteria you need. For example, Little Creative Days – Pojo ( offers an exciting range of story writing workshops, storytelling and puppet doing seminars based on our multi-award winning creative storytelling kits. Alternatively, have some fun and get interactional while learning books through a new media – theatre, provided by Eureka, Archimedes Big Splash Play
Book workshops directly via the bookschoolworkshop booking page. Or google to find alternative providers (it might take longer to search)

  1. End of the school trip, inspired for a book day workshops

Drama and Theatre school workshops. often mean visiting somewhere. However when this place ins Shakespeare Glove not only will the children, but you also, will be happy that you decided to come.

A really good place to visit – Shakespeare Globe. The Globe carries the spirit of Shakespeare that will help students to understand the true beauty of words. The place offer workshops from primary, secondary and international students. The workshops range from story telling to the tour of the Globe. The organisers strive to awake intellectual curiosity with the high quality workshops. For more information visit the Globe website:

  1. Fun on the budget, for your book day workshops

Get in touch with local college/university training future educational professionals to organize an activity for your year. For example, a poetry free workshop (making a poem out of your surroundings). If you are lucky to have a university nearby, get in touch. Many departments offer exciting and interactive activities as a part of their outreach programmes. Many local companies would be happy to support a local school by providing free of charge services in line with their business.

World Book Day workshops

  1. A fun week on the budget. Staying in and doing a primary school workshops

World book day is traditionally children dressing up, however why not get the adult involved. Not only does this make the day super funny and fun, but also shows the children that books are something everyone has in common. By dressing up it prompts children to talk about who they have seen, why they chose that character and book related questions.

Pupils can play another game, such as book treasure hunt. The teacher needs to hang photos of different book covers (with the name blurred) around the school. The children then walk around and guess the name of the book.

  1. Project/competition week to develop useful life skills.

The idea of World Book Day can go beyond just reading a book.  The school/year group could come together and create a group school/yearbook. This is where students will all write their own short story and do illustrations for their short story.

In addition, school can do a competition for the front cover (all children submit their front covers and an expert panel choose a winner). The school can sell the completed book to parents and the community to raise money for a chosen charity or the school.

The pupils develop skills of design, plan and prepare. As the teacher, all you need to step back and manage the process and people.