This animal workshop is our best selling. It’s the best selling because it is suitable for all ages and all abilities. It’s a sensory workshop and something that is not easily done on your own. For such a great price, why wouldn’t you?

How do you Book Animal Club?

To book your animal workshop you will need to:

Send over an email including: the address, time of event, approximate amount of children attending and their age.

You will get a reply within 24 hours.

Once the booking has been confirmed you will be asked to pay a £50 deposit. The rest of the amount is to be paid on the day.


What do you get with the animal workshop?


This workshop is our most recommended one, as it caters for all ages and abilities. The workshop allows an educational and sensory trip leaving the students of the workshop in amaze.

Averagely, the participants of the workshop will be sat in a large semi-circle, this allows everyone to get in ear shot of the presenter’s awesome facts about the animals while at the same time getting a glance at what animals are being shown.


While the animals are being put out and the presenter is getting herself ready, you can take a nosey on what you think the names of the animals are and see if you get them right later!


The animals will be passed around the circle one by one and everyone will get a chance to hold them (If they would like). While the animals are being passed around the presenter will be giving lots of interesting facts. About what you are seeing.


Which animals will come with the workshop?


All the animals are child friendly (they have been to tones of schools before and get handled on the daily). Animal Club take 2 types of animals:

  • Holdable animals
  • Interesting and to look at animals


As you may have guessed the fluffiest animals are the most loved ones. At your event there will be rabbits and guinea pigs to cuddle, they’re perfect for any age but especially the younger ones. However, there will be other animals to hold. Such as the two friendly bearded dragons, a humongous (and super friendly) snake and cockroaches (these need to be held over the box as you don’t want them to go missing).


But they’re not the only animals that will come to visit you. Animal Club also bring animals such as tarantulas, African snail, vinegaroon and geckos. These animals can be touched through the box by older participants but are more generally looked at through their transparent boxes.


Who is the animal workshop best for/where have they been before?


Animal club have worked with lots of different places including going as therapy animals in a rehabilitation centre. This was an amazing experience where we got to listen to stories, and everyone got funny photo and a hold of our snake and bearded dragons. In addition, we’ve also been to places such as nurseries where we got to educate young children all about different animals.