Your corporate event, whether for promotion or celebration can excel if you follow our five top tips for succeeding

  1. Display

When first coming to your corporate event, you want the guests to be wowed. Also, we all know how much social media plays a significant impact on many occasions. Therefore, if your event is looking tip-top, with lots of great places to take selfies and silly photos, you know your corporate event is on the way to becoming one of the best!

A tremendous and aesthetic way is to have a floral wall. Either DIY using faux flowers or you can hire ready-made ones from companies such as Elizabeth James EventsThese decorative walls are a great place to take selfies, and if you place your brand name on the wall, you’ve got yourself a great promotional area.

    2. Self-made activities

Giving the guest something to do is a great past time and keeps everyone busy. It also gives your event that rememberable twist. Some great activities you can make yourself is the sweet wheel:

    3. Hired companies

Face Painting Sheffield, and Candy Floss hire bring sweet and creative fun for any corporate event. Face Painting Sheffield offer designs which are sophisticated for older generations such as their famous dainty flowers, as well as providing fun and vibrant designs for children. On the other hand, hire candy floss has been invited to lots of different existing events such as university end of year parties, bike shops and more showing how candy floss hire is a hit anywhere!

Also, workshops with steel drums provide great and unusual music with the excitement of even trying out the drums. This kind of entertainment is excellent as it’s not only an exciting conversational topic as well as a great experience.

    4. Food and Drink

At any event, food is crucial. An unhealthy but tasty choice is having a sweet cart or chocolate fountain. These are fabulous interactive options and also means you cut down on food waste, as people only pick the things they like!

Drink wise, for adults; an excellent alcohol alternative is alcoholic slushies which you can hire. They are a fun spin on the classic kid’s slushies and a cooling drink for all those hot summer days. However, if alcohol is not the best option for your corporate event mocktail making may be the one for you. Use our favourite recipe from the BBC, which lets all your guests get creative!

    5. Activities for children

Lastly, with the many corporate events we have gone to, we have noticed that the most successful ones have entertainment for all the kids coming. An easy one which is self-manageable is a games corner. Here you set out blankets, pillows and as many classic board games and card games as you can find (be sure to include Jenga, it’s always a hit!) This type of ‘corner’ gives kids a great place to go and get to know each other and leaves the parents in peace for a while.